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IB Tutors in India

Baccalaureate Classes provides trained and experienced IB tutors in India and abroad for the students of Diploma, MYP and PYP curriculum. The students taught by our IB tutors have produced the excellent results in International Baccalaureate examinations. The very first IB Diploma program was first introduced in 1968 with an aim of materializing a challenging and advanced curriculum which will pave a way for the global and intercultural mobility in the academic world. Right after eight years of establishment of Diploma program, IB curriculum was introduced in India in 1976 and it has come a long way in last four and half decades. At present there are total 169 IB world schools in India. There are total 138 schools which offer IB Diploma program in India. There are 91 schools which provide IB PYP curriculum and 39 schools offer IB MYP (middle years program). As of now Career – related program is offered by only one school in India. There are total 42 IB schools in Mumbai and it is the maximum in the country. The total number of schools in Bangalore and Hyderabad is 21 and 18 respectively and these two cities occupy number 2nd and 3rd position. The total number of schools in Chennai, Gurgaon and Pune are 12, 11 and 9 respectively. It is a common observation that cities which are technologically and commercially more advanced have more number of IB schools. Although it has been more than forty years since IB started in India, still students feel difficulty in understanding the learning pedagogy of International Baccalaureate. Our well qualified and experienced team of IB tutors in India is committed to help and guide International Baccalaureate students in most appropriate manner.

IB Online Tutors in India

Baccalaureate Classes has become a popular tutoring platform for providing excellent IB online tutors in India. Our IB online tutors are self motivated and experts in their respective subjects and well versed in using the interactive teaching tools. We have a group of Online IB tutors in almost every major city in India. The advantage of having a local online tutor for IB curriculum is that students can avail the benefit of face to face IB tutoring if needed. Many of our IB tutors have worked in few of the prestigious IB world schools in the country. Our teachers use educational software, teaching simulators and digital pen tablet to teach the students in online mode. We also support conducting the online tuitions through video calling as it gives a personal touch to the students and their comforts and interaction with the teacher gets improved by this practice. Due to the various problems faced by the students in the arrangement of in person tuitions, online tutoring has become more popular in last few years. Our every IB tutor goes through extensive training and learning as well as demo lectures before initiating the actual tuitions. Our teaching methodology for the IB curriculum is fully based on the learner’s profile proposed by the International Baccalaureate.

IB Diploma Tutors in India

Baccalaureate Classes is a leader in providing experienced and committed IB Diploma tutors in India and abroad. We provide IB Diploma tutors in India for almost all subjects of the six subject groups. We have a team of tutors for every subject and a mentor is assigned to coordinate all the teachers of a particular subject group. As a tutoring academy we have observed that IB students seek for more help mathematics and science subjects as these two subjects are highly conceptual and application based. If it is IB math HL or Physics HL then it becomes more needy and demanding. These subjects are more time consuming and need lot of practice. Our IB math tutors and IB physics tutors of the Diploma program are highly qualified and at least five years experienced. We do not assign an IB tutor to teach the HL (higher level) subject until the teacher has a minimum experience of five years. Our Online IB tutors take Diploma students more seriously because they are aware of the fact that a student’s final score in DP examination will decide the university and the course for the student and it is most crucial for their professional career.

IB MYP Tutors in India

Baccalaureate Classes provides open minded and experienced IB MYP tutors in India for students who promote the Open-Minded learner’s profile of middle years program. Our IB MYP tutors in India are well trained in teaching the curriculum and train the students to create a solid foundation for the upcoming IB Diploma program. We provide IB MYP tuitions for grade 6th to grade 10th students. Our IB teachers train the students in a special way who enter into the MYP curriculum from PYP and teach them with complete patience. Similarly students who are planning to appear in their final 10th grade examination are trained on E – assessment in order to handle the on screen exam efficiently. Our IB tutors make the students to use the pen tablet and other online answer tools and simulators to get used to the computer based examinations. Our MYP tutors also guide the students about how to do time management during while writing the on screen paper.

IB PYP Tutors in India

Baccalaureate Classes provides talented and experienced IB PYP tutors in India for students of primary years program. Our IB tutors in India for PYP curriculum are well familiar with the PYP attitudes and attributes of the program. Our tutors train and motivate the young children to learn and follow the PYP attitudes in their day to day life for their overall development. We believe that young children are like fine quality clay that can be moulded with proper care, love, affection and guidance. Our PYP tutors make the classes more interactive and interesting for the children by making them conduct various activities and games based on mental exercise. Our IB PYP online tutors take help of various animated videos and cartoons to make the student’s learning more visual and effective.

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