Igcse Economics Tuition

IGCSE Economics Tuition

Baccalaureate Classes provides best IGCSE Economics tutors in India. IGCSE economics is an important subject of the curriculum. IGCSE economics deals with the study of basic economic theory as well as glossary and principles of economics. In this course, students are taught economical strategy of different countries and their interrelation as well effect on the global economy. Students also learn to process various types of economics data using the tools of economical data analysis. As there are lot of aspects and deeper concepts involved in the subject, hence students feel the need of IGCSE economics tuition for proper learning of the subject. The main aim of the course is to develop an understanding and ability to process the economical data and literacy to obtain solid conclusions. This course also provides a solid foundation for the higher studies in economics. Students also learn to express their innovative ideas of economical growth. Our every IGCSE economics tutor is well qualified and experienced. The major topics of IGCSE economics course are the basic economic problem, the allocation of resources, microeconomics decision makers, government and macroeconomy, economic development, international trade and globalization. Every topic is further divided into many subtopics. Our team of IGCSE economics tutor in Gurgaon has created detailed notes for every topic of the course. The Cambridge IGCSE economics course has two variants which are IGCSE economics (0455) and IGCSE economics (9-1) (0987). Although the syllabus content is same for both the variants but they differ in grading pattern. The second variant of the course has been introduced recently. Our group of IGCSE economics tutor in Delhi and Noida has developed short revision notes for every subtopic of the course.

The assessment pattern of the IGCSE economics course consists of two papers. Paper 1 contains multiple choice questions of duration thirty minutes. The maximum marks for this paper is thirty and it weighs 30% of the total grade. Paper 2 contains structured questions and students are supposed to answer one compulsory question as well as three questions chosen from a choice of four. The duration of this paper is two hours fifteen minutes. This paper has maximum marks ninety and it weights 70% of the final grade. Our team of IGCSE economics home tutor has developed topic wise worksheets for the students. The three main objectives of IGCSE economics assessment model is knowledge and understanding, analysis and evaluation. For knowledge and understanding objective, the students are checked their knowledge and understanding of economics glossary, formulae, principles, concepts and theory. Our every IGCSE economics home tutor in Gurgaon conducts the topic wise tests at student’s home. For the analysis part, students select, organize, process and interpret the data and information; they are supposed to show their analysis skills of analyzing various types of data as well as economics issues and situations to identify and develop theories. In the evaluation part, the students are supposed to evaluate the processed economical information and data. They should be able to differentiate between economic analyses and unreasoned statements. Students also should be able to predict or recognize the outcomes of various economic decisions as well as events. Our team of IGCSE economics home tutor in Delhi and Noida guides the students to follow the assessment objectives while answering the paper. The assessment pattern and objectives of the second variant of the course is also the same.

Baccalaureate Classes provides experienced online IGCSE economics tutors across the globe. IGCSE schools are spread over many big cities in India and other developed countries. We provide IGCSE economics online tuition for students staying at various locations in the world. IGCSE economics is a deep subject and requires a strong conceptual knowledge for the topics in order to attempt the paper efficiently. Our team of IGCSE economics online tutor has developed mock papers for the students. The assessment objectives of the paper are very important to get a higher grade. The first assessment objective knowledge and understanding weighs 40% of the total grade and the second objective is analysis which also weighs 40% of the total grade. The third objective is evaluation and it weighs 20% of the final grade. Our every IGCSE online economics tutor motivates the students the practice a lot of previous year question papers to gain confidence in the subject.

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