IB IA Guidance

Our ib tutors at Baccalaureate Classes guides the students in their internal assessment, extended essay and theory of knowledge also. It is found that students find maximum difficulty in selecting their topics for their IA and EE. Therefore our ib teacher helps the students in choosing their topics and once the topic is approved by the school teacher then they help and guide the student in the thorough development of the IA and EE. Our tutors mostly help in ib maths IA, ib physics IA, ib chemistry IA, ib biology IA, ib economics IA, ib computer science IA, ib ESS IA, ib business management IA as well as student’s TOK essay and TOK presentation. Baccalaureate Classes focuses more on ib maths SL IA, ib maths HL IA and ib physics HL IA as well as ib economics HL IA.

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