IB Tutors in Pune

IB Tutors in Pune

IB Tutors in Pune

Our extensive faculty of IB tutors in Pune are selected based on a rigorous interview process and careful analysis of their education level, background, behaviour, and experience in online tutoring and flexibility in teaching methods. Our highly specialized faculty of IB tutors in Pune have wide experience in online coaching to several IB students from noted IB schools across the globe. Baccalaureate Classes offers highly integrated technology-enabled learning tools that can be used by IB students for revision purpose anytime. IB tutors in Pune at Baccalaureate Classes deliver One-to-One or Individual/Group Online sessions to aspiring IB students located nationwide. Therefore, whether they need academic support in doing homework or indulge in honest study habits.

IB Tuition in Pune

Baccalaureate Classes is a well-known name for providing high standard IB tuition in Pune. We have been providing IB tuition in Pune from many years to the students of almost all eleven IB schools located in this beautiful city. With the onset of International Boards, IB and IGCSE curriculum grows in popularity nationwide. The interest of the students and parents has steadily shifted from traditional CBSE, ICSE, and State education Boards to International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE). The reason is the growing preference of students to move overseas for further studies and stable career opportunities. Thus, several IB schools have emerged in recent years and with it came along several coaching Institutes that offers coaching assistance on various subjects to students. But, If you are searching for Online IB tutors in Maharashtra’s Pune, then your search ends with Baccalaureate Classes.

IB Online Tutors in Pune

Our adept faculty of IB Online tutors in Pune are thorough with every concept, law, definition, theory, Numerical formula, terminology etc. of any the specific topic of the given subject. Our highly skilled education counsellor of the Institute designs a customized study schedule for the student after a detailed discussion with him and his parents. The academic routine is prepared on the basis of student’s convenience and requirement purpose. Our comprehensive faculty of IB online tutors in Pune explains every thesis by giving real-life examples to the student that induces an urge among the students to research more on the topic thereby gradually developing an interest to pursue the subject in the future.

Online Coaching sessions have gained huge popularity in this Pandemic affected year as it resolves the issue of distance factor that requires a student to move out for coaching classes. We are located at Delhi/NCR and Gurgaon but offer live online coaching sessions on Science (Physics/Chemistry and Biology), English, Psychology, Economics, and Mathematics through an accessible digital platform- Skype. We take pride in our accomplished faculty of IB online tutors in Pune who are approachable for any queries related to a topic of the IB syllabus 24/7 & 365 days.

Why prefer our Online IB Tutors in Pune?

Our creative faculty of online IB tutors in Pune use advanced technology-oriented teaching tools like displaying 3D slideshows, audio visual lectures and animated videos to teach students via Online mode, in order to make a tedious session more interactive and allow students to express themselves more. Our dedicated IB online tutors in Pune conduct tests for students after completion of every topic, to encourage the development of crucial time management skills besides assessment of their strengths and limitations. The performance of the students highlights their progress status that is shared as a feedback to the concerned parents without fail. Query clearing sessions are held so as to clear silliest of doubts from the mind of the students.

Our online IB tutors in Pune for Diploma students provide our students with customized study materials that consist of self-prepared guide notes, model questionnaires inspired by previous year question papers, worksheets, assignments, etc. not easily found in the mainstream market. Our IB online tutors in Pune are updated with the latest syllabus and inform the students of any change instantly.

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