IB Computer Science Tuition

IB Computer Science Tution

Baccalaureate Classes provides best IB Computer science tutors in India. IB diploma computer science is an important subject of sciences group. It is based on the basic concepts of computational logic and knowledge of working methodology of computers as well as other electronic devices. As we know that computer science is an emerging subject with lot of logical complexity and many programming languages, therefore to learn the subject in an effective manner a lot of students feel the need of IB computer science tuition. It is a very advanced course and needs continuous innovation from time to time. Also, the programming and logical understanding of this subject is an art which must be developed in the mentorship of a qualified and expert mentor. The knowledge of this subject must be updated after a minimum period to time. Our every IB computer science tutor is well qualified and experienced in tutoring this subject. In this subject, students also learn how exactly computer science is affecting individuals, cultures and societies. The students are supposed to develop various computational techniques in the course. This involves identifying a problem and developing the solution to the problem as well as designing the prototype or model of the solution. They are also taught to analyze and evaluate and predict the success of the designed model as well as think about the future improvements of the model. Our team of IB computer science tutor in Gurgaon encourages the students to identify the problems and developing such type of models for the corporate and societies. The main aim of the course is to motivate the students to look for the opportunities where they can use their knowledge of computer science in a global context and invent some innovative tools or develop some new technologies for the welfare of the society and the world. Our group of IB computer science tutor in Delhi and Noida train the students to develop such types of innovative skills in them. The skills which are developed in this course help the students in their higher education as well as their professional life.

The IB diploma computer science course is offered at two different levels which are standard level and higher level. The IB computer science SL course has four core topics. The topics are System fundamentals, Computer organization, Networks, Computational thinking, problem solving and programming. The total teaching duration for these four topics is eighty hours. There is one optional topic also and the tutoring duration of the optional topic is thirty hours. Our team of IB computer science home tutor has developed the detailed notes for the core topics of this subject. The standard level course also has an internal assessment and the teaching duration of this part is thirty hours. The group 4 project requires ten hours of teaching. The assessment model of IB computer science SL course consists of two papers. Paper 1 is a one and half hours exam which contains compulsory short-answer questions and compulsory structured-questions, weighing 45% of the final grade. Paper 2 is a one hour exam based on optional topic studied, weighing 25% of the final grade. Our every IB computer science home tutor in Gurgaon conducts the mock exam at student’s home after completion of each topic to evaluate the learning of the students. The internal assessment is based on development of a computational solution to a research question weighing 30% of the final grade. Many of the international baccalaureate diploma students face difficulty in choosing IB computer science IA topics. Even if the students find a topic still many of them face problems in developing the layout of the internal assessment as well as developing the logic and programming of the investigation. Therefore IB computer science home tutor in Delhi and Noida guides the students in not only find a suitable topic for the IA but also helps them in the thorough development of the investigation.

The IB computer science HL has four core topics which is same as for standard level course. There are three extra topics for the higher level. These three topics are Abstract data structures, Resource management and control. The teaching duration of these three extra topics is forty five hours. Apart from this, there is a case study for higher level students which s based on annually suggested topic by the international baccalaureate. The tutoring duration of the case study is thirty hours. Our online IB computer science tutors teach the case study with the help of various corporate presentations as well as recently published research papers. The assessment model of IB computer Science HL course consists of three papers. Paper 1 is two hour ten minutes exam which contains several compulsory short-answer questions and five compulsory structure-questions, weighing 40% of the final grade. Paper 2 is a one hour twenty minutes exam which asks three to seven compulsory questions based on optional topic weighing 20% of the final grade. Paper 3 is a one hour exam which contains four compulsory questions asked from the allotted case study by internal baccalaureate, weighing 20% of the final grade. Our team of IB computer science online tutor has developed the online mock papers for the student. The internal assessment is a document of maximum two thousand words and weighs 20% of the final grade. The group 4 project of IB computer science course checks the personal skills of the students which they develop during learning the subject.

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