IB Maths Tutor in Mumbai

IB Maths Tutor in Mumbai

IB Maths Tutor in Mumbai

Baccalaureate Classes has a wide faculty of IB maths tutors In Mumbai who possess through knowledge of every critical topic of Mathematics and endeavour to sharpen our student’s fundamental foundation of the subject. Baccalaureate Classes has set up 24/7 live online coaching sessions (individual or group) for IB Maths tutors for students in Mumbai using Skype, a simple communication platform, the easily accessible application by any smart electronic device at an affordable fee. Our academic counsellor prepares a study schedule based on the student’s convenience and study purpose after an in-depth discussion with their parents. Our distinguished faculty of Online IB maths tutor thorough with the updated IB syllabus and inform their students of smallest of changes if any, to students instantly. Baccalaureate Classes provide separate IB maths AI tutor and IB maths AA tutor to students who choose to study IB mathematics Analysis and Approaches and IB mathematics Application and Interpretation that form constitute the sub part of the vast IB maths syllabus. The students can opt for their preferred pattern of coaching after taking free demo online session from our IB math tutor.

Mathematics, the ‘mother of all science subjects’ seems as simple to many as it is difficult for another lot. With online learning becoming the latest education pattern post pandemic, several coaching institutions in India are coming up with concept of online classes. But, students should choose for the right coaching pattern Online correctly, because Maths needs a powerful foundation of its fundamental concepts. While International curriculums like International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) continues to get popular in India like never before, Mumbai the financial capital of India has the highest number of International schools all over the country. With progress of new age technology every day, maths and science open wide range of career opportunities today and the globally designed curriculum helps students in India to easily explore career possibilities overseas.

Online IB Maths Tutors in Mumbai at Baccalaureate Classes

Baccalaureate Classes takes pride in our dedicated faculty of Online IB maths tutors in Mumbai who are accustomed to using highly integrated teaching methods like application of PPT slideshows, audio visual lectures, 3D animations etc. to make a difficult and tedious math session an interesting one. Our highly skilled faculty of online IB maths tutor in Mumbai are selected after a rigorous interview which keenly focuses on their knowledge of their specific subject and IB syllabus, experience in teaching IB students, efficiency with highly integrated teaching methods, background and behaviour. Our highly experienced faculty of Online IB maths tutor have elaborate knowledge on every complex concept, formula, thesis, theorem and equation of Mathematical topics, helping students to sharpen their analytical and interpretative skills. Our comprehensive faculty of IB online maths tutor in Mumbai hold regular periodical tests and assignments after completion of every important topic to assess the progress level of their students. The questions in the tests are especially designed according to the latest IB pattern of questions, which gives a feeling to the students of real time IB math exams.

Advantages of one to one IB Math Online Tutor in Mumbai

There are so many advantages of hiring an one to one IB math online tutor in Mumbai through Baccalaureate Classes such as course completion before time, revision notes, mock test and regular quizzes. The periodical surprise tests and assignments are also meant to produce time management skill in the students which is a necessary factor to solve complex numerical problems at the earliest possible time correctly, scoring top grades. The scores obtained by the students highlight their strengths and weaknesses to our IB math online tutor in Mumbai that helps them to get a superior insight into the minds of their students. Our adept faculty of IB maths online tutor in Mumbai provide customized study materials to the students which include model test papers, guide notes, worksheets and questionnaires based on previous year IB question papers. Baccalaureate Classes also offers students with separate files containing images and exclusive recordings of online coaching sessions of our IB maths tutor. Besides, after covering up every important topic in Mathematics syllabus, our expert faculty of IB maths online tutor in Mumbai conduct separate query clearing sessions which allows students to interact with their IB math tutor without any hesitation. The performance level of the students is regularly updated to the parents by our reliable faculty of Online IB Maths tutors without fail.

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