Film SL & HL

Film SL & HL

Film SL/HL

The DP film course aims to develop students as proficient interpreters and makers of film texts. Through the study and analysis of film texts and practical exercises in film production, students develop critical abilities and appreciation of artistic, cultural, historical and global perspectives in film. They examine concepts, theories, practices, and ideas from multiple perspectives, challenging their own views to understand and value those of others. Students are challenged to acquire and develop critical thinking, reflective analysis, and the imaginative synthesis through practical engagement in the art, craft and study of film.

Students experiment with film and multimedia technology, acquiring the skills and creative competencies required to successfully communicate through the language of the medium. They develop an artistic voice and learn how to express personal perspectives through a film. The course emphasizes the importance of working collaboratively, international and intercultural dynamics, and an appreciation of the development of film across time and culture.

The film syllabus allows for greater breadth and depth in teaching and learning at HL through an additional assessment task, requiring HL students to reflect on the core syllabus areas to formulate their own intentions for a completed film. They work collaboratively as a core production team in order to effectively communicate on screen.

The duration of SL course is 150 hours and duration of HL course is 240 hours.

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