World religions SL

World religions SL

World Religions SL

The IB DP world religions course is a systematic, analytical yet empathetic study of the variety of beliefs and practices encountered in nine main religions of the world. The course seeks to promote an awareness of religious issues in the contemporary world by requiring the study of a diverse range of religions.

The religions are studied in such a way that students acquire a sense of what it is like to belong to a particular religion and how that influences the way in which the followers of that religion understand the world, act in it, and relate and respond to others.

The IB DP world Religions standard level (WR SL) course two main parts (Duration 130 Hours) and an investigative study (Duration 20 Hours).

The assessment model of WR SL consists of two papers. Paper 1 is a 1.25 hours exam which contains five (of nine possible) stimulus-response questions, covering at least three religions; weighing 30% of the final grade. Paper 2 is a1.5 hours exam which contains two (of fourteen possible) essay questions based on guiding themes, weighing 45% of the final grade. The internal assessment is a structured format written analysis based on an investigative study, weighing 25% of the final grade.

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