Online IB Maths Tutors

Online IB Maths Tutors

Online IB Maths Tutors

Our expert faculty of Online IB Maths tutors are selected after a rigorous interview process that deeply assesses their education/specialization level of Maths, experience in teaching IB students, efficiency in using online teaching skills, background, and behaviour. Baccalaureate Classes takes pride in our extensive faculty of Online IB Maths tutor who have in-depth knowledge of every topic covered under the latest IB Maths syllabus that is designed on the a global model of education meant to help students who want to move overseas for further studies or pursue a career-relevant to the subject. Our highly skilled faculty of Online IB Maths tutors do not use the general blackboard and chalk method of learning, but are accustomed to hold smart online sessions that involve explaining every critical law, diagram, formula, equation, and theorems through of slide shows of PPTs, audio-visual lectures, animations, and other digital tools to make a tedious maths session and interactive one. Therefore, it helps students to understand the world around them by implying Mathematical concepts and laws.

Mathematics, The queen of Science is a subject both loved and hated by many. The subject is loved by students who have difficulty in memorizing long chapters of subjects from the humanities stream. Such students find the subject very interesting as the subject does require persistent mugging up of long definitions or summaries, but requires dedicated practice. On the other hand, the subject is hated by students who find it easy to memorize long definitions, theories, interpret long summaries but get confused with lookalike formulas, concepts, and endless calculation of numerical in the subject. Whether you love Maths or not, Baccalaureate classes facilitate the subject for every kind of student who approaches our Institute to get additional help on Maths besides their regular school sessions. Baccalaureate Classes is a specialized institute to offer affordable 24/7 Online (Private/Group) sessions to students of international schools affiliated to IB International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) Curriculum, through Skype that is accessible from most digital mobile devices.

IB Maths Online Tutors for AA

Our adept faculty of IB Maths online tutors for AA encourage students to practice critical problems with their utmost efforts in order to sharpen their fundamental and interpretation skills. Our Online tutors use real-time examples to explain complicated formulas of the relationship of equations and patterns to students so that they find it easy to solve the problems at the quickest possible time during their IB Maths exams. Besides, our dedicated faculty of IB Maths online tutors conduct separate query clearing sessions that encourage introvert students to speak more of their doubts without any hesitation. Thereby, our distinguished faculty of IB Math online tutor holds periodical tests for every topic already completed, so as to observe the progress level of their students whose performance in the tests also highlight their merits and limitations on the subject to our tutors. The questions in the tests are framed according to the latest IB model of questions that are also meant to sharpen a student’s time management skills and give him a feeling of real-time IB exams. The progress report of the student is shared with the respective guardian as feedback from our tutors.

IB Online Math Tutor for AI

Our comprehensive faculty of IB online Math tutor for AI also provides customized study materials to the students, that includes guide notes, worksheets, questionnaires based on previous year question papers, problem-solving exercises etc so that students can refer it for revision whenever they need it. Such unwavering assistance to our students has helped build a long term rapport between tutor and their prodigies. Baccalaureate Classes also ensures to provide images and exclusive recordings of coaching sessions by our IB online Math tutors in a file accessible to parents & their children while preparing for their exams.

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