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Literature and performance SL

Literature and performance SL

Literature and Performance SL

The IB DP literature and performance course is an interdisciplinary synthesis of language A and theatre. It incorporates essential elements of literature and performance and aims to explore the dynamic relationship between the two. At the heart of the course is this interaction between (i) a conventional literary emphasis on close reading, critical writing and discussion and (ii) the practical, aesthetic and symbolic elements of performance. A distinctive outcome of this synthesis is the performance of a piece transformed from poetry or prose. In this exciting, creative process text is viewed from different angles in a way that goes beyond what is characteristic of either literary or theatre studies as single disciplines. The course as whole examines literary and dramatic texts and seeks to develop intellect, imagination and creativity. It encourages intercultural awareness through a study of texts from more than one culture. Literature and performance is available at standard level only.

This course consists of three parts (Duration 150 hours). The assessment model consists of two external papers and a written task. Paper 1 is of 1.5 hours duration and contains one essay from a choice of three questions concerned with issues involved in dramatizing a novel;  weighing 20% of the final grade. Papers 2 is of 1.5 hours duration and contains one comparative essay from a choice of six; weighing 20% of the final grade. The written coursework contains one piece of writing that incorporates critical analysis of the realization of an extract or a series of linked extracts from a play, as well as reflection on the student’s performance in a staged interpretation of it. It weighs 20% of the final grade. The internal assessment is based on one performance during the course which must be a transformation based on one or more of the poetry and prose texts studied. It weighs 40% of the final grade.

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