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Baccalaureate Classes is a spearhead in providing IB tuition for students enrolled in Diploma, MYP and PYP curriculum. It is one of the most popular academy which provides IB tuition for the International Baccalaureate students in many countries. The popularity of IB curriculum can be proved by the fact that many government and local authorities has created an agreement with the IBO to implement this curriculum in their states. Developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, Spain, United States, Ecuador and Canada have accepted and implemented IB curriculum in their schools. Now a day top universities across the globe prefer IB students over other high school graduates due to the knowledge and skills gained by these students in their higher secondary courses. A lot of students need IB tuition to boost their scores in the final exams to secure a place at a good university. We understand the needs of the students and provide one to one IB tuition to help them in most effective way. Our IB tutors are highly experienced professionals who always feel enthusiastic about guiding the young minds. Our IB teachers agree with the fact that learning is a lifetime process and based on this key point they build the foundation of IB tuition for our students. Our teachers believe that the beauty of the IB curriculum is its pedagogy of producing self motivated inquirers beyond the boundaries of school campuses. Tuition doesn’t mean repeating the content of the textbook chapter; instead it is all about igniting that spark of curiosity among the students which makes them a creative thinker. An IB tuition teacher must follow the learner profile developed by International Baccalaureate. The main motto of IB tuition should be motivating the students to become inquirers, creative and positive thinkers, fearless risk takers, principled and disciplined responsible global citizens.

IB Tuitions by Baccalaureate Classes

Baccalaureate Classes provides IB tuitions for students of all age group starting from 1st grade PYP to Diploma students. We provide IB tuitions for more than twenty subjects of different level and grades of International Baccalaureate curriculum. Our main vision of providing tuitions for the students is to support the basic element and learning profile of IB and prepare the students for higher education at universities. After looking at curriculum and teaching methodology of top universities we observe that learning is all about critical thinking and making inquiries with an open mindedness. All the highly rank universities in the world focus more on case studies analysis rather than repeating the old outdated content in the classroom. The pedagogy of International Baccalaureate builds the foundation of a critical thinker in the young minds and trains them to optimize their full potential at the universities. IB tuitions at Baccalaureate Classes is an honest attempt in shaping the talented minds of young students to support the mission of International Baccalaureate. We consider tuitions as a crucial social responsibility of nurturing future citizens rather than a mere profession. We always believe that a good tuition teacher can frame the future of a student in the most beautiful way both personally as well as professionally.

IB Tuitions for DP (IB Diploma Tuition)

Baccalaureate Classes provides IB tuitions for all six subjects groups of Diploma program. The most important subjects for which students demand for IB tuition are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Psychology and English. The IB Diploma curriculum is a well researched program which enables the students to adjust with the challenging workloads, time management and organized study plan. All students are supposed to choose one subject from the six groups keeping two languages, mathematics and one of the sciences. According to many survey the IB DP students get placed in top universities and they also perform well in their under graduate courses. As we know that the main motto of the IB curriculum is to develop the mindset of the students at an international scale for the welfare of humanity and protection of the planet earth. Our mission behind providing IB tuition for the Diploma students is to motivate them to make sustained inquiries into the global issues and use their analytical skills to find solutions. During the IB Diploma tuition classes our teachers also encourage the students to develop their forecasting skills related to technological and economical developments in the coming decades. We believe in the overall holistic development of our students and guide the students for their intellectual and professional growth in our IB tuition classes.

IB Tuition for MYP Curriculum

Baccalaureate Classes is popular among MYP students for its structured IB tuition classes. We provide IB MYP tuitions for all the subjects of the curriculum. It has been observed that students who successfully complete IB MYP courses and enter into Diploma program have an edge over students who come from other local or national curriculums. Our IB tutors say that the most important feature of MYP curriculum is its open mindedness towards learning and applying the knowledge to solve real life issues at local levels. If we look at the science textbooks of MYP, we observe that there are many internet links are given in every chapter so that students can explore more about the topics and enhance their knowledge. This is a very effective way of tutoring and building the curiosity in the students. This will enable the students to think freely and develop their learning capabilities beyond the textbooks. We motivate and encourage the students in our IB tuition sessions to do the content research about various topics and improve their critical thinking skills.

IB Tuition for PYP Curriculum

Baccalaureate Classes provides IB PYP tuition for the students of 1st grade to 5th grade of primary years program. The curriculum of the PYP has been designed in such a way that it supports activity based learning. The IB tutors are trained in a special way to teach and conduct effective assessment for the young kids. The PYP curriculum has three major parts which are written curriculum, taught curriculum and assessed curriculum. In our IB tuition classes for the PYP students we take care of all three aspects of the course. This curriculum builds a solid foundation for the middle year program of the IB curriculum. Education experts across the globe agree over the fact that this is the most structured and well organized curriculum for the students of primary classes. This course develops an international mindedness among the students at an early age which can be much more beneficial for the upcoming generation. We look forward to guide the young children through our IB PYP tuition classes and support the mission statement of IB.

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