Online IB Biology Tutors

Online IB Biology Tutors

IB Biology Online Tutor

Our expert faculties of Online IB Biology tutor endeavour to sharpen the fundamental foundation of the subject in every student. IB biology syllabus focuses on an in-depth study of structures, diagrams, complex scientific theories, and terminologies. Baccalaureate Classes is also one of the highly acclaimed Institutes in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon that is getting swiftly popular with students not only in Delhi or Gurgaon but also in major cities nationwide. With the worldwide lockdown driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, online coaching sessions have grown in demand like never before. Thus, Baccalaureate Classes have come up with live online coaching sessions (Private/ Group) to students on Skype, a digital platform compatible with every smart mobile device 24/7. We select our distinguished faculty of Online IB Biology tutor after a rigorous interview process that deeply analyses the candidate’s education/ specialization level, Experience, knowledge of important topics covered under the IB syllabus, proficiency in using Online teaching methods, background, and behaviour.

Biology is called the science of Life. It deals with the evolution of all living organisms on earth. From the structure of a cell to study the evolution of the brain, Biology opens a wide range of possibilities for research that seems to discover something new every day. Thus, Biology has promising scope in fields of Biochemistry, Botany, Cellular biology, Ecology, Evolutionary biology, Genetics, Molecular biology, Physiology, and Zoology. Students interested to take up a career in the relevant field, seek special guidance with the Biology subject, right from their primary education level. The career possibility of various branches of biology is widely growing in Europe and the USA besides Asian countries and Australia. Thus, globally designed curriculums like International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE) are getting increasingly popular in India for the reason it prepares students from scratch who are wishing to opt for further studies or establish a career abroad. Thus, several coaching institutes in India have emerged who for offering coaching guidance to students of IB affiliated schools.

IB Online Biology Tutors for MYP

Thus, our dedicated faculty of IB online Biology tutors for MYP encourages students to practice the diagrams of cell structures more through assignments. Besides, our tutors also explain every topic through live experiments in our state of the art biology lab. Learning any topic through experiments tend to produce an urge among the students to learn the subject more. Moreover, our creative faculty of IB online Biology tutor also uses innovative online teaching methods like displaying of PPTs through the slideshow, animated videos, audio-visual lectures etc. to make a tedious biology session an interactive one. Our highly skilled faculty of IB online Biology tutor holds frequent periodical tests after completion of every topic, to observe the progress level and grasping the potential of their students. The tests ensure students to have a feel of real-time IB biology exams and answer the questions using specific answering patterns and tricks to save time while scoring the best scores at the same time.

IB Biology Online Tutors for Diploma

Separate doubt clearing sessions are also conducted to resolve every small doubt of the students allowing them to speak out more. Besides, our comprehensive faculty of IB Biology online tutors for Diploma also provides our students with customized study materials for revisionary purposes which include guide notes, worksheets, model test papers, and questionnaires based on previous year question papers. Baccalaureate Classes also offers students with separate files containing images and exclusive recordings of online coaching sessions of our Biology tutors. It has proven useful for students missing out on sessions at times or, recall a topic while preparing for their crucial IB exams. Our adept faculty of IB Biology online tutors are updated with the latest IB Biology syllabus and any minor change in it is intimated to the students at the earliest.

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