IB Maths Tuition

IB Maths Tuition

IB Maths Tutor

Baccalaureate Classes is one of the most renowned academies for providing excellent one to one IB maths tutor for the IB students. The IB Maths tutors at Baccalaureate Classes have done enough research on these two newly introduced subjects and hence any IB maths tutor here is quite confident in tutoring IB maths AA as well as IB maths AI. We provide IB maths tutoring across the globe, hence it becomes mandatory for our IB maths tutors to be familiar with the GDC as well as other graphic software and online mathematical tools. The main difficulty of an IB maths tutor in tutoring maths is to making the student understand the long mechanical questions, hence to get rid of this difficulty our IB maths tutors use the pen tablet so that a student can learn and understand the steps involved in a lengthy maths problem. The maths AA course focuses on developing an analytical and comprehensive understanding of mathematics so that students can link and correlate different maths areas and use them to solve different types of abstract questions. Our IB maths tutor teach the standard level maths as per the guidelines given by the international baccalaureate organization and complete the whole syllabus in 150 hours. The IB maths tutor at our academy knows that they have to focus more on statistics and probability and for the higher-level curriculum they complete the whole course in 240 hours of duration. The assessment pattern of IB maths SL contains two papers each of one and half hour duration weighting forty percentage each and making a total of eighty percentage. Our IB maths home tutor also helps students to prepare their IB maths IA, they help them in choosing their IB maths IA topics as well as guide them in the throughout development of their IB maths internal assessment which weights twenty percent of the total marks. The assessment pattern of IB maths HL consists of three papers, paper 1 and 2 is of two hours duration weighing thirty percent each making a total of sixty percent. Paper 3 of IB maths HL is of one-hour duration and weighs twenty percent of the total grade. There is no syllabus for the paper three and it will be a surprise to the International Baccalaureate students.

IB Maths AA (Analysis and Approaches) Tutor

Baccalaureate Classes has a team of IB maths AA tutors who have done a lot of research on the newly introduced IB mathematics analysis and approaches course. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program has started a new IB maths curriculum from 2019. This latest course has mainly two variants which are Mathematics AA (Analysis & Approach) and mathematics AI (Applications & Interpretation). These two variants are offered at standard level (SL) and higher level (HL). The major topics for both of these two courses are Number and Algebra, Functions, geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and probability as well as Calculus. The IB maths AA course is for those students who have more interest in pure maths such as number & algebra and calculus, and who are looking for an under-graduation course in pure maths, sciences or technology. However, IB maths AA course is for students who have more inclination towards statistics & probability and who are willing to opt for economics or business or humanities related courses after their higher secondary. The IB math online tutor across the world have agreed over this fact that this new IB mathematics course will help the students to develop their understanding of mathematics as well as make them more interested in opting this important subject for their higher studies. It should be the duty of an IB maths AA tutor to explore and analyze the whole course before they start tutoring any IB student.

IB Maths AI (Application and Interpretation) Tutor

Our IB maths AI tutor at baccalaureate motivate students to learn the basic concepts of the chapters and solve enough number of problems of different styles to strengthen their basics. Keeping in mind that graphic display calculator is a very important tool for the students, the IB maths AI tutors at our academy uses the online version of the calculator. As per the guidelines of IB the assessment model of IB maths checks the various parameters of mathematics such as knowledge and understanding, problem solving, communication and interpretation, technology, reasoning and inquiry approaches. Our IB Math tutor also guides the students in the preparation of the paper three of math HL course. Therefore, it is much needed that a student must be trained in such a way so that he or she can get through all the above-mentioned assessment criteria.

IB Math Tutor for MYP

Our IB maths tutoring for MYP curriculum teaches the students through three different modes, which are IB math online tutor, IB maths home tuition as well as we also conduct IB maths tuitions at our local centers in Gurgaon, Delhi and Faridabad. Although IB MYP mathematics is not much difficult if we look at the syllabus but generally students find difficulty in the assessment criteria of the MYP math papers which are knowing and understanding, investigating patterns, communications and applying mathematics in real life contexts; called criteria A, B, C and D respectively. Hence, these criteria make the IB MYP maths tuition a need for the IB MYP students. We have a group of IB MYP math tutor who provide MYP maths tuition to the students studying in different IB schools across the globe. Baccalaureate Classes also provides IB math tutor for PYP for the children studying in grade one to grade five. Baccalaureate classes are accredited with the best myp tutor to give each student more strength to unlock their potential talents more effectively.

Generally, our IB math home tutoring services are confined only to few cities in India which are Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida. We have a group of well trained and experienced IB math tutor for MYP students in all these cities. The major advantage of having an IB math home tutor is that it saves the precious time of the students but at the same time we keep in mind that a tutor is not travelling much to reach the student’s place and doesn’t feel tired once he or she reaches their place. Hence, most of our IB math home tutors are assigned the IB home tuition within the five kilometers radius from their respective houses.

IB Maths Tutor for Diploma (One to One)

Baccalaureate Classes provides highly adroit, qualified and self-driven one to one IB maths tutor to students who are studying IB Diploma curriculum. IB maths is offered at standard and higher levels. Our IB maths tutor for Diploma curriculum takes approx. one hundred and twenty hours of time to complete the IB maths HL syllabus. Also, as we know that IB world schools are spread in more than 150 countries, therefore to serve the needs of the students staying in different countries, we have started offering IB maths tutoring in most of the countries which have fifty or more than fifty IB world schools, hence at present we are providing IB math tutors in all these countries. Our main services are IB maths tutor in London, IB math tutor in San Francisco, IB maths tutor in Dubai, IB maths tutor in Singapore and IB math tutor in Hong Kong.

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