Online IB Physics Tutors

Online IB Physics Tutors

Online IB Physics Tutors

Our highly experienced faculty of Online IB Physics tutors have precise knowledge on every critical concept of Physics, theories, and laws, complex formulas relevant to difficult topics, equations and numerical, etc. thus, they believe in sharpening the fundamental problem skills of their students by encouraging them to learn it by conducting live experiments and acquire key problem-solving skills by preparing assignments handed over by our tutors.

Once you take admission with Baccalaureate Classes, our skilled academic counselor plans the coaching schedule for the student considering his convenience and purpose to study Physics, after a detailed discussion with them and their guardians. Our comprehensive faculty of Online IB Physics tutor at Baccalaureate Classes are selected through an elaborate an interview process that focuses carefully upon their Specialization level of the subject, proficiency in teaching Physics to IB students through online method, knowledge on important topics in the IB syllabus, background, and behavior.

Physics, also called the fundamental science, is a subject in which all branches of natural sciences like Chemistry, biology, geology, and astronomy is compressed in the laws of Physics. Therefore students must have a sharp knowledge about the fundamental concepts of the subject if they want to pursue further studies and establish a career in any of the fields in the future. Students from IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum affiliated schools seek a separate assistance for a better understanding of topics like Measurements and Uncertainties, Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism, Circular Motion and Gravitation, Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics that form the foundation of HL/SL level Physics. Therefore, Baccalaureate Classes, a renowned coaching institute in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon, is offering live online coaching sessions (an effective teaching method in COVID-19 time) of Physics to students from major cities in India. We excel in delivering 24/7 Online (Private/Group) coaching sessions through Skype, a digital platform that can be accessed from any smart mobile device.

Teaching Approach of Our IB Physics Online Tutors

Our expert faculty of IB Physics online tutors use innovative Online teaching methods instead of the traditional Chalk & talk methods generally used in schools. The methods include explaining a complicated topic by slideshows of relevant PPTs, animations, audiovisual lectures, and citing of real-time examples. Such highly integrated teaching methods are adopted by our online tutors to generate interest within the students to learn Physics more deeply while making the tedious online session an interactive one at the same time. Besides, our dedicated faculty of IB Physics tutor also provides customized study materials to their students for revisionary purposes, constituting guide notes, worksheets, model test papers, problem-solving exercises, and questionnaires based on the past 10 years IB question papers. Moreover, students are also made accessible with files of exclusive recordings of online coaching sessions and images.

IB Online Physics Tutors for HL/SL

Our adept faculty of IB online Physics tutors also hold periodical tests on every topic that is completed. The tests are conducted to give our students a feel of real-time IB physics exams and students understand the correct answering pattern of IB Physics questions. The performance of students in the tests highlights their merits and limitations to their IB online Physics tutors. It helps our IB online physics tutor to get a better insight into their student’s grasping potential which further helps them to build powerful co-ordination with their students. In addition to this, students also learn to answer their exams by implying key time management skills that mostly include tips and tricks taught by our Online Physics tutors to them. The progress level of every student is shared as feedback to their parents by our online Physics tutors regularly. Our tutors also stay updated with the latest IB syllabus and intimate their students of any change to their students instantly.

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