ACT Tuition

ACT Tuition

Baccalaureate Classes provides well experienced and qualified ACT tutors in India. It is a standardized test for admission in the colleges of United States as well as few other countries. The ACT score plays a very crucial role to secure a seat in a reputed college in the United States. Our every ACT tutor at Baccalaureate Classes is well trained and experienced. The main purpose of the ACT test is to check the basic mathematical knowledge, reading and understanding power as well as analytical skills of the students. It is a time bounded test for which a high level of accuracy and precision is required. This can be only achieved through strong conceptual understanding and rigorous practice of model papers. Baccalaureate Classes provides ACT tuition to help the students achieve the perfection needed for this test. American College Testing (ACT) conducts the ACT examinations across the globe. It is a multiple choice question paper which contains Mathematics, English, Science and Reading sections. It contains 215 questions and total duration for the paper is two hours and fifty five minutes. There is no negative marking for wrong answers in this test. There is an additional forty minutes writing section which is optional. Students need to opt for the writing section while submitting their ACT application. Baccalaureate Classes provides ACT online tuition to guide the students staying in different countries. The score of every section is graded in the range of 1 to 36. The overall score is the average of the scores in each section. The average score of ACT is approx twenty five and above thirty is considered as a good score. Our ACT online tutor encourages and trains the students to target a score of thirty two or above.

The syllabus of ACT maths contains elementary algebra, functions, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, statistics and probability. Mathematics section of ACT checks the basic concepts, formulae and computational skills of a student. This section contains 60 multiple choice questions. The total duration for this section is 60 minutes. There are five choices for each question in this section. The score range for this section is 1 – 36 marks. As there is just one minute available to answer each question, a very high speed and accuracy is needed to crack ACT maths. Our team of ACT maths tutors has created the practice worksheets for every topic of this section. The weightage of trigonometry in ACT maths paper is approx ten percent. Elementary algebra combined with functions weighs approx forty percent of the maths section. Plane geometry and coordinate geometry weighs approx twenty five percent each. Our every ACT maths tutor trains the students by teaching them short cut methods and tricks to solve the questions faster. The mathematics score of ACT is very important to boost the overall grade of the student. Our online ACT maths tutors have created the model practice paper for the students. Practice of questions is mandatory to enhance the speed and perfection of the students. There is no other way of excelling in ACT maths paper. Our every ACT maths online tutor encourages the students to practice a lot of worksheets for every topic. They clarify the student’s doubts once they are done with the worksheet. We provide ACT maths online tuition in more than twenty countries.

The science section of ACT paper contains questions based on scientific facts, investigations, experimental theories, analysis and evaluation as well as reasoning and problem solving. This section contains forty questions and duration is 35 minutes. There are seven passages in this section and from each passage five to seven questions are asked. The passages are based on physics, chemistry, biology and earth science of high school. Our online ACT tutors have developed the sample papers for the science section. The main trick to score well in this section is to use the scientific knowledge through analysis, logic and reasoning.

The reading section of ACT paper contains reading comprehension question based on basic knowledge of social science, simple literature and basic humanities. This section contains forty questions. The duration of this section is 35 minutes. This section checks the student’s ability to read and understand long comprehensions in minimum possible time. Students need to understand the key ideas and themes of the passages and extract the keywords or important sentences in the passage. Our team of ACT tutor in Gurgaon has developed the study materials for the reading section which contains a lot of passage based questions.

The English section of ACT paper contains passage based question which checks mechanics and rhetorical skills of the students. This section contains 75 questions and the duration of this section is 45 minutes. The questions in this section can be broadly categorized into grammar, punctuations, sentence correction, sentence organization and style based question. As the duration per question in this section is very less, it becomes necessary that a student does not devote more than 40 second per question. Our team of ACT tutor in Delhi has developed the study material and practice worksheet for the English section. Baccalaureate Classes provides ACT home tutor in Gurgaon and Delhi.

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