IB Physics Tutor in Mumbai

IB Physics Tutor in Mumbai

IB Physics Tutor in Mumbai

Our expert faculty of IB Physics tutor In Mumbai is accustomed to using latest digital teaching methods to make a tedious Physics class into a more interactive one. IB Physics is a two-year-long program and our avid faculty of IB physics tutors In Mumbai teaches the subject in elaborate detail according to the updated pattern of IB curriculum only. Baccalaureate classes provide free 30 min demo session to newcomers by which students can decide for themselves. Our brilliant faculty of IB physics tutor In Mumbai uses 3D animations, display PPTs, audio visual lectures etc. to teach any critical topic and sharpen the analytical plus interpretational skills of their valued students. Our caring faculty of IB physics tutors In Mumbai provides customized study materials to their students which include test papers, worksheets, guide notes; questionnaires based on past year question papers. They also provide important tips and tricks that help the students to adopt crucial time management skills during IB physics exams. Our highly skilled faculty of IB physics tutors In Mumbai has in-depth experience in teaching students from noted IB schools worldwide.

Mumbai- The richest city in India is known for its international level education and migrating students to other countries for superior career prospects. The wave of globalization and emergence of MNCs In Mumbai on a large scale has led most modern students to shift their educational preference from conventional Indian curriculums to globally recognized boards like International Baccalaureate (IB) & International General Certificate of Secondary Examination (IGCSE). As most students look out for exploring possibilities for further studies in Science especially physics or to establish a career overseas, wish to sharpen their fundamental principles in the relevant subjects from the very first elementary level. Besides, pandemic driven lockdown has given a new boost to Online learning, it has become a trend for IB students to look out for convenient online coaching sessions for Physics and other science subjects apart from their regular school sessions that would help them to have an edge over the complex subject. Baccalaureate Classes also provides students with separate files containing images and exclusive recordings of online coaching sessions.

IB Physics Tutoring HL/SL at Baccalaureate Classes

Our comprehensive faculty of IB Physics tutors for HL/SL in Mumbai believes in practical learning of the conceptual subject and thus explain the theories, formulas, equations, laws etc. by citing real time examples of complex topics like Mechanics, Waves, Thermodynamics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Electricity and Magnetism etc., which in turn encourages our valued students to develop an interest in Physics and conduct a thorough research on the topics by themselves.

There are over 35 eminent schools in Mumbai which offer education based on international curriculum like Ecole Mondiale World School, Ascend International School, Mount Litera School International and Aditya Birla World Academy etc. Hence, Baccalaureate Classes- a renowned coaching institution in Delhi NCR & Gurgaon, has emerged as a one- stop destination for such IB students in Mumbai who are looking for one on one online coaching session at an affordable fee and preferred time. Baccalaureate Classes delivers live individual online coaching sessions for the fundamental science to IB students in Mumbai via Skype according to their preferred time and interests.

IB Online Physics Tutors in Mumbai

Our excellent faculty of IB online physics tutors In Mumbai also conducts separate query solving sessions after completion of every significant topic in IB Physics which enables students to speak out their doubts without hesitation. Thereafter, they also take up periodical tests at regular intervals and hand over assignments to their students. The tests are based on real time question paper pattern of IB Physics exams and the scores gained by the students highlight the merits and drawbacks of the students which in turn help our dedicated faculty of IB physics online tutors In Mumbai to examine the progress status of the students and modify their teaching method accordingly. The report is shared by our reliable faculty of online IB physics tutor In Mumbai with the respective parents punctually. We have a broad faculty of highly trained in online IB Physics tutors Mumbai who are selected after a stringent process of interview that analyses the candidate’s specialization level on Physics, experience in teaching the IB Physics syllabus, skill in using digitalized tutorial tools, background and behavior.

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