IB Classroom Coaching

Baccalaureate Classes provides best IB classroom coaching in Gurgaon. We provide one to one IB tutoring in our classroom where an IB tutor is assigned to only one student to make the tutoring most effective. The main purpose of the one to one tutoring is to complete the ib syllabus in minimum time so that the student can score good grades in their summatives as well their mock and final ib exams. Our academy provides experienced IB maths tutor to our ib students so that they can learn the depth of ib maths in a most efficient manner. The main aim of our trained ib maths tutor is to explain the basics of ib maths AA and IB maths AI in the simplest possible way. We also focus on IB Physics as it is considered as one of the most difficult subject of the whole IB curriculum. Our IB Physics tutor focuses on the basic concepts of ib physics. Physics is the science of nature and the phenomenon happening in the nature, so ib physics tutor at Baccalaureate Classes always try to explain the tough rules and concepts of ib physics by explaining the simple real life situations bases examples. At our academy we have ib biology tutor who teach the complexity of ib biology in a way that is different from the boring theory as written in the common textbooks. Our ib economics tutor at the academy are highly experienced and as we know that ib economics is a very deep subject in itself. Hence it is mandatory to tutor ib economics in a simpler and convenient way so that we can motivate and encourage the students to learn ib economics. We have ib tutors for almost all the main ib subjects. Baccalaureate Classes provides ib chemistry tutor, ib English tutor, ib business management tutor, ib psychology tutor, ib computer science tutor, ib history tutor, ib geography tutor, ib design technology tutor, ib film tutor, ib French tutor, ib Spanish tutor, ib german tutor, ib hindi tutor, ib maths AA tutor, ib maths AI tutor, ib ess tutor and many more. We also have a team of ib myp tutor and ib pyp tutor at our academy.

At Baccalaureate Classes we also provide IB classroom coaching in small batches where we keep two to five students per batch. The main motto of IB Tuition in batches is to create a healthy and competitive environment among the students. Here, we always encourage our ib students to compete with each other and perform well in our classroom mock tests and quizzes. At our academy we provide ib maths tuition, ib physics tuition, ib chemistry tuition, ib biology tuition, ib economics tuition, ib English tuition, ib business management tuition, ib psychology tuition, ib ess tuition, ib computer science tuition, ib French tuition, ib Spanish tuition, ib german tuition, ib hindi tuition, ib maths AA tuition, ib maths AI tuition, ib physics HL tuitions, ib maths HL tuition, ib biology HL tuition, ib chemistry HL tuition, ib economics HL tuition and many other ib subjects. We also provide ib myp tuition and ib pyp tuition at our coaching institute. Here we have a team of well experienced and trained ib maths teacher, ib physics teacher, ib chemistry teacher, ib biology teacher, ib economics teacher, ib english teacher, ib business management teacher, ib psychology teacher, ib computer science teacher, ib French teacher, ib Spanish teacher, ib german teacher, ib hindi teacher, ib myp teacher and ib myp teacher. In our classroom program we conduct weekly test to check the learning and conceptual basics of the students. Our teachers conduct a unit test after completion of every chapter to examine the learning of our IB students.

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