AP Tuition

AP Tuition

Baccalaureate Classes provides qualified and experienced AP tutors in India and abroad. Advanced Placement (AP) program is a very challenging and rigorous program which allows the ambitious students to secure a seat in the top universities in United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many European countries. More than 2000 colleges in more than seventy countries accept AP scores. Every year approx three million students write the advanced placement (AP) exams. AP examinations are conducted by College Board in the month of May every year. These exams contain multiple choice questions as well as subjective questions. The main purpose of the course is to measure how well a student has mastered the topics of a particular subject. It also checks how prepared a student is to pursue a course in the top level colleges across the globe. Baccalaureate Classes provides AP tuition for the ambitious students across the globe. For majority of the subjects it’s a pen paper examination but few subjects such as Arts and Design students are supposed to submit their portfolio. The level of the exam is almost equal to or little lower than college level exams. We have a team of qualified AP tutor for each subject. The greatest advantage of having a good AP score is to stand out in the crowd of ambitious applicants for the most reputed colleges. Advanced placement scores help the students to complete their college course in a lesser time period. We provide online AP tuitions in many subjects to help and guide our students. After obtaining an excellent AP score a student can also apply for the double major. Students also get scholarships and various types of international recognition and certificates from institutions if they have a score of five in their AP subjects. The eligibility criteria for AP examinations in not very strict and any candidate who is below 21 years of age can write the test. A lot of extraordinary students chose to write the AP exam right after their 10th grade whereas majority of the candidates write it in their 11th or 12th grade. We provide advanced placement (AP) tuitions in more than twenty subjects. The total credit is 5 for each subject and generally considers 3 as the qualifying score for the average and good colleges. The top colleges in the USA ask for 4 or 5 as the qualifying score. The minimum credit for this exam is 1. Baccalaureate Classes provides AP online tutor in India, USA, Canada and Australia. Advanced placement examinations are conducted in six disciplinary areas which are Math, Science, Art, English, Social science and foreign languages. Our online AP tutors use various digital tools and software to make the tutoring convenient. Top educational consultants of various countries agree on the fact that AP courses are the most advanced and rigorous program offered at high school level. Baccalaureate Classes provides AP online tuition to make these tough courses easier for the students.

Baccalaureate Classes provides experienced AP maths online tutors in India. AP mathematics has three variants which are Calculus AB, calculus BC and statistics. As we know that mathematics is the most important course for all the admission in pure science and engineering courses. We provide AP maths online tuition for the students who want to obtain a good score in the advanced placement test. The difficulty level of AP calculus AB is lower than AP calculus BC. We have an expert team of AP calculus tutor in our academy. The major topics of AP calculus AB are limits, continuity, differentiation, contextual application of differentiation, analytical application of differentiation, integration and accumulation of change, differential equations and application of integration. Our AP calculus AB tutors have developed the worksheets for every topic of this course. The important topics of AP calculus BC are limits, continuity, differentiation of composite and implicit and inverse functions, contextual application of differentiation, analytical application of differentiation, integration and accumulation of change, differential equations, application of integration, parametric equations and polar coordinates and vector valued function, infinite sequences and series. Our team of AP calculus BC tutor has created topic wise revision notes and worksheets for this course. The major topics of AP statistics are exploring one variable data, exploring two variable data, collecting data, probability and random variables and probability distributions, sampling distributions, inference for categorical data: proportions, inference for quantitative data: means, inference for categorical data: chi –square and inference for quantitative data: slopes. Our AP statistics tutor provides notes and worksheets for every topic of this course. Therefore the three variants of AP mathematics are very crucial for the students who are aiming to secure a seat in any of the top university in United States or Canada. Baccalaureate Classes provides AP calculus online tutor to students staying in different countries. As calculus is a very important part of mathematics and it is used in majority of the research work in pure mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computing, biochemistry, biotechnology, earth sciences and many more. Hence, deep conceptual understanding of this subject is mandatory. We provide AP statistics online tutor to the students who face difficulty in understand the basic theory and problems of the course.

There are seven subjects under the sciences section of advanced placement (AP) courses. These courses are AP biology, AP chemistry, AP environmental science, AP physics 1: algebra – based, AP physics 2: algebra – based, AP physics C: electricity and magnetism, AP physics C: mechanics. Baccalaureate Classes has a team of well experienced AP Physics tutor in the world. The major topics of AP physics 1 are kinematics, dynamics, circular motion, gravitation, energy, momentum, simple harmonic motion, torque and rotational motion, electric charge, electric force, DC circuits, mechanical waves and sound. We provide AP physics online tuition to the students who feel difficulty in understanding the basic concepts of the course. The important topics of AP physics 2 are fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, electric force, electric field and potential, electric circuits, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, geometric and physical optics, quantum, atomic and nuclear physics. Our online AP physics tutors are well experienced in teaching the basic concepts and solving the numerical. The major topics of AP physics C: electricity and magnetism course are electrostatics, conductors, capacitors, dielectrics, electric circuits, magnetic fields and electromagnetism. This course has been designed for the students who want to keep electricity or magnetism as their major course in under graduation. Our team of AP physics online tutor has developed the topic wise revision note for this course. The syllabus of AP physics C: mechanics contains kinematics, laws of motion, work energy and power, systems of particles and linear momentum, rotation, oscillations and gravitation. Our team of AP online physics tutor has developed topic wise worksheets for this course.

The syllabus of AP biology contains chemistry of life, cell structure and function, cellular energetic, cell communication and cell cycle, heredity, gene expression and regulation, natural selection and ecology. Baccalaureate Classes provides AP biology online tutor in India, USA, Canada, Singapore and major countries of Europe. Advanced placement (AP) biology course is very important for the students who want a career in medicine or biotechnology. Any student who obtains a score of 4 or 5 is preferred over other students without an AP score by the universities. We provide AP biology online tuition to make the subject easy and convenient to the students. The syllabus of AP chemistry contains atomic structure and properties, molecular and ionic compound structure and properties, intermolecular forces and properties, chemical reactions, kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibrium, acids and bases, applications of thermodynamics. We have an experienced team of AP chemistry online tutor who takes live classes for students staying in different countries. Chemistry is an important branch of science and is used in both medicine as well as pure chemistry. Advanced placement (AP) chemistry is a much needed course for the students who want a career in biochemistry or nanotechnology. Baccalaureate Classes provides AP chemistry online tuition in India and many other countries across the globe.

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