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Baccalaureate Classes provides accomplished and staunch IB tutor for Diploma, MYP and PYP students across the globe. We are committed to assign you the finest and most suitable IB tutor for an effective tutoring and help you score seven in all subjects. There are more than five thousand schools in the world affiliated to International Baccalaureate organization. Although there are approximately one hundred thousand teachers in all the IB schools globally, still a majority of students are dependent on private tuitions and individual IB tutoring. There could be multiple reasons for this such as incompetent school teachers at many schools, lack of motivation or tutoring skills or maybe dozens of students in a class. As we know that International Baccalaureate is a challenging, advanced and rigourous curriculum. This curriculum is much different from other local as well as national academic programs. The main motto of this curriculum is to develop the inquiry based, knowledgeable and application based learning habits in the young students. Every IB tutor at our academy is well familiar with the vision and mission of International Baccalaureate teaching methodology. As this curriculum is offered in more than one hundred and fifty countries, hence it has a global vision about education. This vision strives to develop a multicultural understanding, compassion, care and respect for the people on this entire planet. It has been designed for the students of age group five years to eighteen years. The curriculum has been divided into three sections which are IB PYP (primary years program), IB MYP (middle years program) and IB DP (Diploma) program.

IB Tutors at Baccalaureate Classes

IB tutors at Baccalaureate Classes are well trained professional educators having many years of experience. Our IB tutors strictly follow the pedagogy and learning objectives developed by International Baccalaureate. We fully support the IB learner’s profile and believe that all the ten attributes proposed by IBO would definitely make this planet better and more peaceful for our mankind. Our tutors encourage the students to be fearless and frank inquirers and nurture the curiosity of young students with complete patience. We always support concept building of students through a knowledgeable and application based approach which can be used to solve issues of real life. The IB tutors at Baccalaureate Classes strongly believe that we can transform the world if we would be able to convert our young students into global thinkers. We teach our students to be open minded observers while learning inside the classroom or outside the classroom. Students across the globe have the capacity to make this planet a better place not only for humans but also for millions of creatures on earth so that they can save and protect the environment for our future generation. The learner’s profile of IB motivates the students to be compassionate and caring for each other. Apart from academic help our IB tutors also guide the students in developing a balanced and principled approach towards life.

IB Tutor for DP (Diploma Program)

Baccalaureate Classes is a colonizer in providing pledged IB tutor for the Diploma Program. Our every IB tutor is well adept and skilled in tutoring the Diploma program of International Baccalaureate. Since its inception in 1968, the Diploma program has been modified and restructured several times and has become the most advance academic program for high school students. A high score in the IB DP final examination has become an easier gateway for most of the prestigious universities in the world. We provide IB DP tutor for all six subjects group including extended essay as well as TOK. We also guide our students in the starting phase of their IB Diploma while choosing their higher level (HL) and standard level (SL) IB subjects. Our IB Diploma tutors are well familiar with the objectives of the program and guide the students for their mental, intellectual, emotional as well as spiritual growth. Although the total number of teaching hours assigned for IB HL subjects is 240 hours, still our tutor take maximum 120 hours to complete the subject believing that students learn some basic topics in their school. Our IB Diploma tutor takes approx eighty hours to complete their respective standard level (SL) subjects.

IB Tutor for MYP (Middle Years Program)

Baccalaureate Classes provides devoted and proficient IB tutor for MYP curriculum. Our every IB MYP tutor is an expert in the curriculum and has many years of teaching experience. As we know that middle years program (MYP) has been developed for the students of age group 11 years to 16 years. It is a five year program and offered for the students of grade 6th to grade 10th. This is the age group in which the mental ability and sharpness of the students can be molded up to any extent. The main motto of this curriculum is to motivate the students to seek for the connections between their academic course and the real life situations and scenarios. The whole curriculum consists of eight subjects which builds a solid foundation for the Diploma program. Although the total tutoring hours assigned for each MYP subject is minimum fifty hours, but our expert IB tutor completes the course in approx thirty hours. Our IB MYP tutors also guide the students in understanding the assessment criteria of the subjects.

IB Tutor for PYP (Primary Years Program)

Baccalaureate Classes provides expert and dedicated IB tutor for PYP curriculum. Most of our IB PYP tutors are specialist in teaching young children and have many years of tutoring experience. IB PYP is a five year program and offered for students of grade 1st to grade 5th. This curriculum is taught is approximately one hundred and ten countries. As per the International Baccalaureate guidelines the learning of the IB PYP students should be activity and inquiry based. The main motto of the IB PYP curriculum is to motivate the young children to become confident inquirers develop a holistic learning approach in the academic as well as non academic field. Our every IB PYP tutor is well familiar with the six transdisciplinary themes of the curriculum and trains the young children accordingly.

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