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Baccalaureate Classes provides best SAT tutors in India. It is a standardized test conducted by College Board and used by thousands of United States. Few colleges outside USA also use the SAT score to shortlist students. In the starting period, SAT test was called scholastic aptitude test but now it is called scholastic assessment test. It mainly checks the mathematical aptitude as well as reading and writing skills of the students. Our SAT tutor also suggests the students to write the optional essay. The mathematics section contains total 58 questions, the duration for section is 80 minutes. Out of 58 questions, 20 questions are non calculator and 38 questions are calculator based. The duration of non calculator part is 25 minutes and calculator part is for 55 minutes. Our SAT maths tutor encourages the students to apply mental mathematics to improve their calculations. The major syllabus of SAT maths contains Heart of Algebra, Problem solving and data analysis, Passport to advance maths and trigonometry. The important topics are solving linear equations, functions, inequality, graphing of functions, word problems, nonlinear expressions, quadratic equations, polynomials, percentage, ratio, area and volumes, congruency and similarity, basic trigonometry, circle theorems and complex numbers. SAT maths needs extensive practice of problems. Our SAT tutor in Gurgaon suggests the students to practice at least hundred problems from each sub topic. The preparation of SAT is based on the knowledge and application of basic concepts. A lot of students do not develop a strong basic in their 9th or 10th grade and hence feel the need of SAT tuition to improve their basics. SAT mathematics checks the basic conceptual understanding, fluency to solve multiple choice arithmetic questions and application of basic maths to solve word problems. Our expert team of SAT maths tutor in Gurgaon has developed the practice sets for the students.

The reading section of SAT is also an important part. In this section, the questions are asked from the passages given in the paper. There are total five passages and ten to eleven questions are asked from every passage. The total number of questions in reading section is 52 and total time allotted for this section is 65 minutes. Our SAT English tutor suggests the students to read the passages carefully before answering the questions. The main purpose of this section is to check the student’s vocabulary and understand of the given texts. Students are advised to develop their reading habits to perform well in this section. Our SAT English tutor in Gurgaon advises the students develop the reading habit of long passages. They also suggest the students to improve the vocabulary and strengthen their word power of English language. The writing section has four passages and approximately ten to eleven questions are asked from every passage. The total number of questions in this section is 44 and total allotted time for this section is 35 minutes. A student is asked to identify the grammatical mistakes in sentences in this section. They are also asked to rephrase the sentences without changing their actual meaning. Our team of SAT tutor in Delhi has developed the study material and practice worksheets for English.

Baccalaureate Classes provides SAT online tuition for subject tests. SAT subject test mathematics has two levels which are Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 is comparatively easier than the second level. Students who are more inclined towards pure mathematics or engineering write Level 2 mathematics. Our every SAT online tutor is well trained and experienced. The total marks of SAT subject test are 800 and total marks for SAT regular are 1600. There are 20 SAT subject tests available so far. The subject tests are conducted over five areas which are mathematics, sciences, English, history and languages. Due to the variation and complexity of the subjects the online SAT tuitions has become need of the students. SAT subjects tests can be considered as the profile booster of the students. If any student writes SAT regular as well SAT subject tests then the profile of the students becomes stronger as compared to students who do not write subject tests. Our online SAT maths tutors trains the students for Level 1 and Level 2 using different strategy. SAT mathematics is a major requirement for most of the top colleges in the United States. Our team of SAT maths online tutor has created the study materials and practice papers for the subject tests.

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