Environmental systems and societies SL

 Environmental systems and societies SL

Environmental Systems and Societies SL

Environmental systems and societies (ESS) is an interdisciplinary course offered only at standard level (SL). This course can fulfill either the individuals and societies or the sciences requirement. Alternatively, this course enables students to satisfy the requirements of both subjects groups simultaneously while studying one course.

ESS is firmly grounded in both a scientific exploration of environmental systems in their structure and function, and in the exploration of cultural, economic, ethical, political and social interactions of societies with the environment. As a result of studying this course, students will become equipped with the ability to recognize and evaluate the impact of our complex system of societies on the natural world.

The interdisciplinary nature of this DP course requires a broad skill set from students, including the ability to perform research and investigations, participation in philosophical discussion and problem-solving. The course requires a systems approach to environmental understanding and promotes holistic thinking about environmental issues. Teachers explicitly teach thinking and research skills such as comprehension, text analysis, knowledge transfer and use of primary sources. They encourage students to develop solutions at the personal, community and global levels.

The IB DP Environmental Systems and Societies standard level ( ESS SL) course  contains eight core topics (Duration 120 Hours), a practical scheme of work which include practical activities (20 Hours) and an individual investigation (10 hours Duration).

The assessment model consists of two external papers.  Paper 1 is an hour exam based on case study weighing 25% of the final grade. Paper 2 is a two hours exam which contains short-answer questions and structured essays, weighing 50% of the final grade. The internal assessment weighs 25% of the final grade.

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