Online IB Chemistry Tutors

Online IB Chemistry Tutors

IB Chemistry Tutor

We take pride in our extensive faculty of Online IB Chemistry tutor who put their foremost effort to sharpen the fundamental foundation of IB chemistry in their students that mostly include balancing of complex equations, chemical formulas, symbols, chemical laws and mathematical calculations. As the Online method of learning is growing in India like never before, Baccalaureate classes have taken the initiative to offer affordable Online sessions on IB chemistry at major cities in India 24/7 via Skype. Like other subjects, Baccalaureate Classes selects its expert faculty of IB Chemistry online tutor through a precise interview process, which carefully focuses on their education level, proficiency in teaching IB students through the online method, depth of knowledge in Chemistry, Experience, Background and Behaviour. Our IB chemistry tutors also conduct live experiments in our state-of-art laboratory to generate interest among our students for the subject and work hard on it. Besides Live experiments, our creative faculty of Online IB Chemistry tutors also use highly integrated innovative teaching methods like PPT display through slide show, animated videos, audio-visual lectures etc. to explain a specific concept or a law and also make a tedious online session an interactive one.

IB Chemistry Online Tutor

Chemistry, the science of atoms and molecules- is also the most interesting subject from all other branches of science. Chemistry primary aims to study the changes in the structure, composition, property or behaviour of an element or compound after it comes in contact with some other substance during a reaction. The subject is highly research-oriented thus focussing more on proficient practical learning through experiments & observation alongside theoretical learning. Chemistry offers a comprehensive possibility for different career options overseas as well as in India. Therefore, as it is generally seen today, most Indian students wish to opt for further studies or a career choice in the field of Chemistry abroad. Hence, IB (International Baccalaureate) has an especially designed curriculum relevant to an overall global standard, the reason why most Indian students prefer to study in schools affiliated to such international boards. Hence, students looking for additional guidance for Chemistry while at home can surely opt for Online IB Chemistry coaching sessions at Baccalaureate classes.

Teaching Approach of Our IB Chemistry Online Tutor

Our diligent faculty of IB Chemistry online tutors hold Private/group Online coaching sessions for students where every student gets a fair chance to speak out his mind relevant to the topic. Thereby, our highly experienced faculty of IB Chemistry online tutor takes up periodical tests after completion of every topic to examine the progress level of every student. These tests stand crucial at many aspects because such tests not only give a deeper insight into the student’s grasping level on the subject but also highlight his merits and limitations to their Chemistry tutors. Next, the questions in the tests are framed according to the latest pattern of questions in IB exams, which helps students to get a feeling of real-time IB Chemistry exams as they learn the IB pattern of answering questions using key time management skills. The feedback of the student’s performance is shared by our IB chemistry online tutors to the parents regularly.

IB Online Chemistry Tutor for SL & HL

Moreover, our specialized faculty of IB online Chemistry tutors also provide customized study materials to our students after analyzing their performance in those tests. The study materials include revisionary guide notes, worksheets, model test questions, and questionnaires based on previous year question papers. Our students at Baccalaureate Classes also get access to files containing images and exclusive recordings of online chemistry sessions which have proven extremely useful to them during the preparation of exams. Our dedicated faculty of IB online Chemistry tutor stays updated with the latest change in the IB chemistry syllabus which is intimated by them to students instantly.

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