Benefits of IB Diploma Course

IB (International Baccalaureate) is an international curriculum where pupils are not taught but facilitated by our IB tutors with the subjects. IB curriculum gives students the freedom to explore themselves from 360 degrees. IB DP is a course for students who fall under the age group of 16 to 19. IB Diploma program is an essential credential for college applications. IB DP offers six subject groups – Studies in Language and Literature, Language acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts. It is a research-based, practical, and analytical based program viewed with the lens of a holistic approach in the field of Education which is recognized globally now. Our IB ONLINE TUTORS will make it easy for you.

MAJOR BENEFITS OF IB (International Baccalaureate) DIPLOMA PROGRAM:

1.The Concept of Academic Honesty:

Students do get to know the writing skills as they are required to write lengthy essays, while making efforts to write these essays, they research a lot, they learn concepts like Academic Honesty, How to write avoid plagiarism, and give credits to all the information they have picked from various sources. They ultimately learn the right ways to gather and present information. No other curriculum allows you to know and explore this part of quality education.

2. Makes you knowledgable from lengths to breadths:

It helps in the overall growth and development of an individual. IB online Tutor will help them explore the unexplored side of themselves by participating in various individual and group tasks and activities which makes them ready for the world and helps them know all the healthy aspects of accepting the cultural differences and to evolve continuously at all their lengths and breadths. Be it subjects like maths, Our IB online maths tutors will help you with this too.

3. Critical Thinking:

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) demands students to think critically. It is assessed through an oral presentation and lengthy essays of 16,000 words. It is all about presenting as to how we know what we claim to know. Our IB online Physics tutors and IB MATHS TUTOR will give you exposure to this. This learning process makes you go through Critical thinking and we can’t deny the fact that it is highly necessary to master the art of critical thinking in this diversified world we are living in.

4. CAS: Creativity. Activity. Service:

It is not only academic requirements to be fulfilled in IB. It is considered to be an important counterbalance to the academic pressure of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. IB tutor at our institution will let you know as to how it opens doors to foster a sense of accomplishment from their work. It is a pure form of learning by doing which enhances their personal as well as interpersonal development.

5. Increased Scholarship Opportunities:

Students who passed out of any good IB School, located anywhere in the world have a better chance of getting a scholarship as compared to any other curriculum. Our IB TUTORS has got a good hold over their subjects, you need not worry.

6. Special Training for Teachers:

There are over 5,000 Schools following the IB Curriculum, globally. These schools have around 70,000 facilitators or educators all around the world. Educators do complete and go through special IB training which could cater to ample purposes to provide quality education to every individual who opts for IB format. Our IB Online tutors are trained in it too.

7. Ingenuity:

IB Diploma holders are known to be more creative and imaginative as their curriculum demands them to deal with everyday problems and dilemmas. It promises to stand out and serves better, undoubtedly.

8.High acceptance rate:

The students holding an IB diploma have a higher rate of acceptance when we talk of scholarships in colleges and universities as compared to other boards like CBSE, State, ICSE, etc. Contact our IB Maths tutor for more information on this.


IB and CBSE:

IB is globally recognized whereas CBSE is only known in India. If the students are targeting only India-based competitive exams in class 11th and 12th then CBSE is good for them but IB Diploma gives you the freedom to fearlessly move anywhere in the world and find your best choice of studies and professions at the later stage. If students want to learn in a global format and are aiming to study abroad then IB Diploma is for them. The international approach gives you the confidence to accept the challenges and find your fit on a global level. CBSE doesn’t introduce you with any concept related to research but demands only textual format of answering the question in written exams students appear for. It is followed by a large number of entrance exams for all the most prestigious and popular medical and engineering institutes of India. Our ONLINE MATHS TUTOR and IB PHYSICS TUTORS will make it look easy for you.

IB and A-Levels:

IB gives students the freedom to choose subjects according to their convenience at two different levels – Standard and Higher level. In a few of the US-based universities, students get credits for Higher level IB subjects, offering them a choice whether to study a particular subject in their first year of university or not to study it. Three subjects to be studied at standard level and the rest of three subjects at a higher level. Whereas, A level has a more theoretical application which is enhanced and tested through a written examination. On the other hand, IB focuses more on the practical approach of learning and teaching. It also includes a theoretical approach, but that is secondary. The learning process of IB – DP helps students inculcate soft skills and makes them master this skill while completing extra assignments and research projects as well.


IB offers 6 different subject groups and students are required to choose one from each. IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) offers you 70 subjects but fails at giving you any standard combination of subjects. The compulsory subjects for IB – Diploma program is TOK (Theory of Knowledge), CAS (Creativity Action Service), and EE (Extended Essays) whereas IGCSE has Global perspectives and Research as their compulsory subjects. The biggest drawback of the IGCSE board is that they have recommended readings and do not have any prescribed textbooks. Whereas IB has Prescribed textbooks and recommended readings as well. IGCSE is administered by the University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE). Though both are globally recognized IB Diploma gives students a good and better reach to the outside world. IB Diploma holders will have creative, broader perspectives of things as compared to the IGCSE curriculum. Both the curriculum is designed to cater to different purposes but IB has got the better scope to see the world through the better lens of community services as well. IB Diploma program goes beyond intellectual development and academic success which makes it outstanding.

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