Business management and Economics in the IB, Is it a good choice?

The requirement and scope varies everywhere around the world based on the cultural background of each country. Yet we can say, based on the number of Bachelor’s degrees available on Business Studies that some popular countries for a degree in Business are Switzerland, Netherlands and Poland. In terms of universities, we encourage you to check these schools out:

University of Derby, UK
HAS University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
UCAM - Catholic University of Murcia, Spain

Moreover, here are some of the most popular countries for an undergraduate degree in Business:

The Netherlands

Once you finished your Bachelor’s and are ready to work while acquiring responsibilities. Before you get worried, you should know that everything will be fine later, seeing how the most preferred subject Economics and Business graduates are:

Economics vs. Business studies

And, as Jerry McGuire principle is very much evident, we can give you an idea of salaries for beginners as well:

Salary for a Bachelor’s in Economics graduate: 45.000 USD / year
Salary for a Business Studies graduate: 40.000 USD/ year
If you really want to be selective you should know that a 2018 economics report presents the best salaries for Economics graduates which are offered in the next countries:

USA – 144,000/year average salary for economists
United Kingdom – almost 85,000/year average salary for economists
Germany – almost 70,000/year average salary for economists

1) Math HL is difficult part of the curriculum so I suggest take it as an SL because it’s simpler to score and Universities will accept credits for SL Math.

2) Economics is a must in HL cause not much difference between SL and HL and also quite easy to score if you understand the concept.

3) French B SL is a good option since you need a 2nd language (along with that you can get credit transfer for this too as a 2nd language 3CH)

4) Business Management HL will prove beneficial for your future major

5) English HL is a good choice though i don't see much difference between HL and SL (only more essays to write in HL)

6) Bio HL is a more appealing choice. Visual arts are not that important ....BIO will actually help you in life no matter what major you take.... superb general knowledge to impress people in everyday situations & real fun too!)
Based on your personality and goals, if you’re a theory or a practical person, tilted towards analyzing in-depth data, or concentrating on business opportunities, you can decide for yourself the degree that is better for you: Economics, if you’re the former, and Business Sciences, if you’re the latter.

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