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IB online economics tutors are one of the excellent tutoring service .We help students in achieving their potential and improving their score card. Our program is designed according to the understanding level of student. This program provides core knowledge of economics. All our economics teachers are trained, qualified and have good experience. We make students do critical thinking about economics. Syllabus helps student in developing certain techniques, skills, knowledge and attribute. Concepts are made clear to students so that ability to write in logically structured mode is developed. Past year papers and assignment series is provided to student.

The study of economics deals with scarcity, resource allocation, and the methods which satisfy human wants. The course emphasizes on microeconomics theories, economic theories of macroeconomics and develop concern for global issues and awareness for local, national and international level in students .At both the standard and higher level candidates have to study four topics microeconomics, macroeconomics, International economics, development economics and other sub topics. Students have to also submit internal assessment in addition to examination and also they need to produce a portfolio on the basis of published news.

IB tutors provide details of resources like websites, books, authors, additions, journals etc.

  • Why IB online tuitions are best?
  • 24/7 academic support available.
  • Parents can check students’ progress.
  • Periodic assessments and lessons plans are provided.
  • Students are encouraged to ask their doubts.
  • It enables student to collect and analyse data used in studies.

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