Why do students tend to fail mathematics?

“Some learners barely connect with their teachers or Tutors. Learners critically are afraid of their teachers. Even if they do not understand Concepts, they would not ask questions. And once a learner begins having issues with a teacher, they will start having an issue with the subject”, states a renowned child psychologist. He says unlike other subjects which one can read and understand Math’s requires regular practice.

The practice is the most crucial part of learning mathematics

If you practice regularly for 45 minutes at least, you can clarify the doubts. Those who solve the problems regularly become more thorough with the fundamental concepts. He further explains that learners in the upper classes also mentally influence those in lower classes by making them believe that the subject is very much scoring which is rewarding in a big way. It’s only when teachers are not responsive and adaptive themselves to new ideas that clash with their learning skills and bring about confusion amongst children.

Simple Conceptual techniques improvised

IB classes apply integrated learning styles like visual aids, auditory and kinaesthetic interests or hobbies like soccer, etc. and other available resources to teach Mathematics which makes maths tutorials is fun.

Tutors at IB classes confidently identify distinct challenges for each learner before teaching into the subject matter. During weekdays, homework is used as a device to counter their mistakes and learners are encouraged to produce solutions to complicated numerical problems. Our skillful teachers discourage massive group studying as it is difficult to focus on every student particularly. Additionally, we also track the progress of his learners before and after his tutoring services and also obtain feedback from parents through rational practice. Committing error is a key part of Mathematics as the students become aware of their own merits and drawbacks.

We believe, every child is Unique in his own way and has distinct set of merits and drawbacks.

“As a teacher, tutors of IB classes augment the learning experience by making use of the surroundings and real-life worked examples. Artificial intelligence and technology are all aided by mathematics. The syllabus instructs you to teach basics and concepts.

Frequently revising the formulae derivations

Our specialized faculty calls for active participation of learners, teachers, and parents. He advises parents to ensure children learn and understand the concepts as opposed to the obsession of starting grades. “Those who attain first grades through cram work, fail to maintain that excellent performance in upper classes”, Every tutor/teacher act like a good friend, motivator, close mentor for Teaching easy methods in mathematics

IB Classes adopts encouraging and interesting teaching systems for IGCSE Maths and IB Maths

1. Our set of accomplished teachers/tutors explain from fundamentals and elemental concepts or principles of a subject by working out countless of complex numerical and theoretical questions to make sure that students have a solid grasp over the practice subject of Mathematics.

2. Our experienced faculty of tutors also offers an adequate quantity of homework worksheets (both numerical/practical and theoretical) that would rope in the entire curriculum

3. Our set of master tutors frequently conducts mock tests to evaluate the students’ progressive performance constantly.
Students who ascertain to succeed and willing to put the maximum efforts, and adopt a sincere and disciplined routine towards their studies, always perform their best under the guidance of IB classes.

4. As online IB classes provide and IGCSE Maths tutor, I also mentor my students and explain basics and concepts again and again in various ways until the child understands them. Our adroit set of tutors prepare a specific plan for every student based on their progress reports so as to encourage them to achieve the desired results. They also aid the aspirants with useful resources and take tests regularly to monitor their progress. our tutors tend to focus on the patterns of latest IB Maths and IGCSE Past year Papers.

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