What will be the future of education after the Corona Pandemic?

As we all know that corona pandemic has hit the whole world and just like other sectors education sector has also got affected by this deadly disease. More than four hundred thousand people have lost their lives and approx seven million people are currently infected through coronavirus. All the developed nations in the world are facing economic slowdown and a deadly recession is knocking the door of every country. Each and every sector is struggling for survival due to this economical slowdown and crisis. In this scenario the major question that arises is that how exactly the world would be able to survive and come out of this universal crisis. As an IB Maths tutor I personally feel that the only way is to come out of this tragedy is by building a solid educational foundation and highly innovative academic program. We all are able to observe that millions of people have lost their jobs in many countries across the globe and they are struggling to fulfill their basic needs of food and accommodation. This is a very tragic situation and it’s not going to end soon as it is global and spread throughout the planet. Majority of schools and colleges are closed due to the lockdown and most of the universities are planning to start their semester online and proceed with it for next two semesters. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to enhance our education system and make it available to every single student.

Role of an IB Tutor for the International Baccalaureate Students

International Baccalaureate is a very challenging and innovative course. The students who are pursuing this course acquire the basic knowledge in the most effective manner and they are quite capable of applying their skills to solve real life problems. We, at Baccalaureate Classes believe that the real meaning of education is its application to improve the lives of common people and society. Our every IB tutor teaches the students in such a way so that they can develop their mind to solve the issues on a local as well as global level. Our team of IB tutors always focuses on understanding the basic concepts rather than just memorizing it. Education experts around the globe have also predicted that many students will lose interest in their studies due to the irregularity caused by the Covid – 19 pandemic. Therefore it is very important that our tutors keep on motivating the students and make them realize the importance of education for the welfare of the society.

Duties of an IB Online Tutor and the student

As we are aware of the fact that classes are going online and it will remain online for at least one more year. Hence we need to check the effectiveness of IB Online tutoring and make it sure that our students the getting the proper education through online mode. Most of the students are not much used to online tutoring as they were habituated of face to face teaching methodology. In this case, it is bit hard to find out whether online tutoring is able to fulfill its vision or not. Our every IB online tutor takes care of the thing whether the student is able to maintain his focus and concentration in the class or no. If any student is not able to maintain the focus then our online IB tutor takes help of few interesting educational videos related to the topic to make the learning more fun and innovative. So we can say that the major duty of online IB tutors is to keep the students motivated to learn with a meaningful purpose for the growth and welfare of the society and country. Kindly feel free to contact Baccalaureate Classes for any further information regarding IB Tuitions

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