What All You Need To Become An IB Online Tutor In India

Personalised tutoring has several perks, both for the tutor and tutee. Not only is it incredibly gratifying for tutors to work with students, but it also fills a void in the lives of pupils that schools today can't fill alone. With India’s IB online tuition market growing by leaps and bounds amidst the pandemic, it is time to rethink what goes into becoming a top-notch online tutor. The hyper-technological world today is credited with bringing tutors and tutees closer than ever before; however, technology also brings with it a barrage of distractions. At Baccalaureate Classes, tutors have found that IB Diploma students are more likely to stick to a deadline for assignment submission and refine their study skills with an IB tutor who has built a strong personal relationship with them.

However, have you, as a parent, ever paid attention to the qualifications of an IB tutor? Or have you, as a tutor, ever wondered what kind of work experience do you require to excel as an IB online tutor?

Although no formal regulations are guiding this field, it is imperative for you as an IB online tutor to choose an organisation that provides you with job security, timely salary and provident fund, among other benefits. Our expert online IB tutors have broken down the requirements for tutoring in India and the skills one looks for in an online IB tutor, namely an IB Maths tutor, an IB Physics tutor, an IB English tutor and an IB Biology tutor.

Qualifications Required For Online Tutoring

For IB tutors, the first and foremost requirement is subject expertise and ability to deliver lessons to your pupils effectively. In this competitive IB tuition industry, choosing your niche and identifying your audience’s needs and wants is immensely crucial. The next step is to finalise the e-tools you’ll require to stand out from your competition. As an online IB English tutor and an online IB Biology tutor, you can use platforms like Kahoot quizzes, Quizlet, PearDeck for reinforcement of what you’ve taught.

Subject Expertise

To earn an IB certificate and give IB online tuitions, there are three requirements. One, you should possess a teaching license. Two, you should have completed your bachelor’s degree in the subject you want to teach. Three, you should have at least 2-3 years of experience as a teacher, like all our tutors at Baccalaureate Classes do. It goes without saying that you should have a good command over English and have impeccable communication skills.

Work Experience

In case you are still in the first year of college and do not have teaching experience, consider tutoring weaker students in your class and the kids in your neighbourhood. This will help instill confidence in you. On the other hand, if you have been a teacher for a few years, students will likely prefer you over others. With some years of teaching experience, you will become well versed with the difficulty level of the components in the syllabus and accumulate a lot of handouts, worksheets and notes that you can recycle each year.

School Boards in India

You should be flexible and not restrict yourself to a particular education board in India. Although the subject matter is more or less the same, if you plan on teaching CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, O levels, AS and A levels students, do familiarise yourself with the syllabi and curriculum. Our IB Maths tutor and IB Physics tutor also suggest you take up free online courses available on the official website of IB to acquaint yourself with the nitty-gritty of the subject area.

IB Online Tutoring Gigs in India

Our online IB English tutor and IB biology tutor contend that online teaching provides tutors with greater flexibility and they’re also able to adapt their learning styles as per the needs of the student. They can teach from the comfort of anywhere without having to be at a specific place to interact with the tutee. However, since you create your own timetable, it also requires intense self-discipline and self-direction. Several online teaching platforms have vacancies for IB maths tutor and IB Physics tutor, to name a few. Subscribe to these platforms for regular updates and keep an eye out for such opportunities.

How To Become An Online IB Tutor In India

The first step is to register yourself on online tutoring sites. There are several sites available on the Internet that cater to Indian as well as international students. All you need is a laptop, stable internet connection, proficiency in the subject you desire to teach and education and work experience-related documents. You can either choose to record your lecture and share it online at a fair price or give one-one lessons to students in real-time. Make sure that you’re familiar with the payment structure, rules for leave and general protocol of the organisation. On the day of the interview, ensure that you’re not dressed sloppily and are in a well-lit area because you may be asked to take a demo class. If you’re desirous to teach English, our IB English tutor suggests you revise key grammar topics and prepare slides on them, if possible, to present to the student during demo class. This will definitely make you stand out of the crowd.

How To Become An Online IB Maths Tutor at Baccalaureate Classes

Our Online IB maths tutor and IB online Physics tutor use innovative methodologies and unique pedagogies to make their virtual classes interactive. If you choose to affiliate yourself with an IB tuition company like ours, you will be required to furnish your resume and a cover letter. Our organisation “Baccalaureate Classes” prides itself on conducting background checks for all IB tutors. The grass is green on the other side for our online IB tutors as they’re paid a fixed allowance and offered appraisals as well.

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