Tips To Get Full Predicted IB Score (45 Points)

It is common knowledge that the percentage of IB candidates achieving a full predicted score is low. However, with the guidance of expert, qualified IB tutors from Baccalaureate Classes, achieving 45 points is possible. Our organisation gives hands-on training to students to meet the demands of the gruelling programme using various strategies. In the wake of schools preparing to submit predicted grades for each subject taken by the student, this seems like the perfect opportunity to share these tips and tricks with you to raise your likely grades.

1. Maximise productivity: Follow the Pomodoro technique or the Pareto principle (80:20 rule) to make the most of your time. To use the former strategy, set a 25 minute timer and work on the chosen assignment for that time. Take a brief 5-minute break after and again set the timer for 25 minutes. Ensure that you concentrate on the task at hand with the utmost dedication for this short spell of time. Our IB tutors also suggest using apps such as Forest and Strict Workflow to block your cell and laptop screen for the time you’re paying attention to work to keep distractions at bay.

2. Opt for a workspace: It has been proven that if a student studies in the same place day after day, their brain gets conditioned to focus more readily the next time they sit down at that spot to work. Ensure that the workspace you choose has plenty of light, as few distractions as possible and a huge surface to work on. Our IB tutor advises that your dining table, a place by the window or your bedroom desk should do the trick.

3. Make a to-do list: Create a list of the tasks that you want to complete by day end or week end. Then, our IB tutor suggests that you break these tasks down into micro tasks or small actionable steps. While doing this, make a list of the resources required or the gaps that need to be filled by us at the academy before you get down to doing these micro tasks. Make sure you cross these off as you go.

4. Hone your study style: Do you study best alone or in a group? Are you an auditory learner or a note-taker? In IB online tuition, we encourage you to find out what works best for you by taking you through different styles of studying. Once you zero in on one of the styles that work well for you, our IB online tutors structure their classes as per your requirement.

5. Know what to prioritise: A grave mistake that IB candidates commit is not tackling their TOK essay, EE submission and CAS reflections timely. There’s a reason why they are known as the core of IB: if you don’t complete them, you don’t get your diploma. These three components are a valuable part of the programme, which is why our IB online tutors encourage students in IB online tuition to finish them in advance so that they can focus on other important areas. A tip from our IB online tutor: ensure that you know what parameters count for each subject and how many points is each component for so that you know how it affects your overall subject grade.

6. Test yourself: Our IB Maths tutor emphasises upon testing yourself by doing as many practice/past year papers as you can because you can’t find out if you truly understand something until you take regular assessments. Some students have the misconception that school assessments are enough for them to gauge their weaknesses and strengths but bimonthly assessments are hardly reliable for you to track your progress. Our IB online maths tutor continually assesses students using specialised model papers that are designed keeping the student’s needs in mind.

7. Use mnemonic devices: Our IB Physics tutor advises you stop multitasking and commit yourself to one thing at a time. To do the same, use acrostics and acronyms for memorising hard facts. You can create your own or use the ones already devised. As per our IB online Physics tutor, they are really effective in remembering large chunks of information and ensuring that it creates an imprint on your mind.

8. Inculcate healthy habits: Both our IB Maths tutor and our IB Physics tutor encourage students to follow a good lifestyle. It has been scientifically proven that getting enough sleep and eating a well-balanced meal helps in retaining things better and improving our memory retention. Sleeping for 8 hours and exercising for 45 minutes a day are tried and tested ways to improve your faculties. You can leave the rest to our IB online Physics tutor and IB online Maths tutor to get sureshot success in the diploma programme.

Pulling off 45/45 in IB diploma is a hard feat made easy by our Online IB tutor who slog day and night to ensure that you have a higher university and college acceptance rate, increased scholarship opportunities and a plethora of opportunities for you to choose from in the future. The below-mentioned study skills, memory hacks and revision techniques require complete devotion from students. Do not be misled into thinking that most students who scored full predicted points did not have a life. The students who scored 45 points had one thing in common: they focused on studying smarter and reached out to us at Baccalaureate Classes to fill in the gaps and clear their roadmap to success. If you want to identify where you need to target your studying, consult us online and reap better results. Take a free trial class with our competent online IB tutors and let your journey of IB tuition begin!

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