Tips by an Online IB Maths Tutor to score 7 point

As we know that IB mathematics is the mandatory group among all the six groups of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. Every student pursuing IB Diploma course has to opt for the one of the four mathematics course offered by International Baccalaureate Organisation. Students can choose any one of the IB Math AA (analysis and approaches) and IB Math AI (application and interpretation). Our IB online tutors have given some important tips about choosing the right mathematics course for the students:

How to choose IB Maths AA or AI

Our IB maths tutor guides the students in choosing the right course after the completion of grade 10th. The experts of IB curriculum as well as career counselors throughout the world advice that students who are willing to learn Economics, Business Studies, Humanities and Art or liberal arts in their under graduation can choose IB Maths AI (application and interpretation), whereas students who are more passionate about science and technology or pure mathematics or sciences should go for IB Maths AA (analysis and approach) course. The level of the course can be chosen keeping in mind how interested the student is in the subject and which grade of universities they are targeting for the UG courses. Tier 1 or grade A universities such as Ivy League or Oxford or Cambridge prefer Higher level students.

How to initiate the IB Maths course

If you have just completed your IB MYP 5 and thinking about how to initiate the study of IB mathematics, then don’t over think and give it a head start with the chapter you are most comfortable with. Generally our IB maths tutor suggests the students to start with “Function” chapter as it is more conceptual and students also develop some basic understanding of it in the previous grade. Why our IB tutors suggest to start with this chapter because if you look at the teaching hours distribution of chapters recommended by IBO, you will see that 42 hours have been assigned for AI HL and 32 hours for AA HL. This chapter is a combination of five chapters which are Quadratic functions, types of basic common functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions and transformation of functions. Our every IB maths tutor teaches these topics in the starting of the course.

When to Hire an Online IB Maths tutor

If you are planning to hire an online IB maths tutor then we will suggest you to do it as early as possible, probably before the starting of the new session at the school. The main reason behind hiring an online IB maths tutor at an early basis is to complete minimum five to six chapters before the school starts. Students also get ample time for learning and practicing the concepts during the vacation and they don’t feel any academic pressure or home workload. Therefore learning becomes free in the vacation period and students also get the time to explore the concepts in depth and this takes their self confidence to the next level. One more advantage of having an IB maths online tutor is that students get to perform various mathematical activities in the free time at their home and this helps them to understand the fundamentals of the topics.

How to practice IB Maths problems

As we know that International Baccalaureate has introduced the IB maths AA and AI in 2019 and the very first batch writing the exam based on latest pattern has no access to past papers. To overcome this problem, our IB maths tutor has analysed and compared the old and new syllabus and they found that almost 70% content and chapters are exactly same. Few older topics have been removed and few new topics have been added. Therefore our IB math tutor suggests that student can practice the question from the previous IB Question Bank 3rd edition which is a topic wise collection of past year questions and also contains the solutions. Our IB tutor suggests the students to practice questions from different textbooks but at the same time make sure that they are learning the concepts from a single textbook. The benefit of learning the concepts from a single textbook is that it gives a solid base of fundamental concepts and learning happens in a proper sequence. Students are also advised to solve the review exercises given at the end of every chapter.

How to master GDC used for IB Maths

The use of GDC (graphic display calculator) is of a great importance in IB mathematics. IB maths AA HL (analysis and approach) has paper 1 non calculator based and paper 2 and 3 calculator based. Our IB math tutor trains the students to use the GDC effectively by making them practice plenty of calculator based problems. IB maths AI HL (application and interpretation) has all the three papers calculator based and more emphasis has been given to calculator use for this course. Our online IB maths AI tutor provides extensive training of using GDC to the students to obtain expertise in use of graphic display calculator. At present IB students are using two types of graphic display calculators which are T-inspire and Casio – fx-cg 50. Our expert IB math tutors say that Casio calculator is much more user friendly and faster as compared to Texas calculator, still choosing the calculator depends upon the students and the school teachers.

How to stay confident in IB Math exam

Many students feel nervous and under confident during the paper and due to this they often could not perform as per their knowledge and potential. This further increases their exam fear and hence reduced their self confidence as well as interest in the subject. Our IB math online tutor suggest that students should practice many mock tests at their home under the examination conditions so that they get used to writing the paper within the time limit. This will also help them to identify their weaker topics and other areas where they might lose mark in the actual exam. Our IB math tutors conduct regular mock tests and quizzes to examine the learning of the students as well to build their inner confidence towards the subjects.

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