Psychological effects of online tutoring on IB students

A good tutor is like a candle — it consumes itself to light the way for his students.”

The point of teaching or tutoring is not to fill the student’s mind with concepts but to get them excited about learning allowing them to witness the plethora of opportunities they have before them as they spread their wings of knowledge and take a flight. Sky is the limit..!!

Covid-19 has a major impact on the life of students studying patterns and behavior. Many of them face uncertainty regarding their future because their next step towards education or careers are dependent upon their present learnings as well as performance at school. This pandemic has brought a major change in one's life and for a student, it has bought with itself intense feelings of frustration, anxiety, and confusion, thus creating a psychological imbalance. More than the pandemic, its essential measures of containment requires the outgoing students to confine themselves to their home sweet homes. While this brings to them an opportunity to learn life skills and connect back to their parents, read, play with siblings, share musical diaries with grandparents, collect stories and much more; it disconnects them from the classroom chit chats to lunch with friends, playground hustle and classroom discussions. As a result, some are also struggling with loneliness and isolation that comes from the lack of experiential learning.

Coronavirus indeed, has majorly affected the education system of the world creating an impact on mental health and well-being. In order to cope, remote/online learning is the new normal for all the educational institutions today.

Amongst them, International Baccalaureate (IB) is seen as one of the hardest high school “boards” presently available. It's not only challenging and (college level) difficult, but also demands constant commitment and good time-management from the students. It assures you with a large pool of classmates (from different regions of the world) that you can socialize with, a culture that is more open, and a group of teachers that know what they are doing and are dedicated and supportive.

Missing these classes has a psychological effect on an IB student’s day to day working as they are anxious, missing school environment and practical based learning which is hampering their growth and development for the upcoming future. Moreover, disruptions of their research projects and internships jeopardize their program of study, delay their graduation, and undermine their competitiveness on the job market. Increasing online tutoring further demands a tutor who is trained for this medium such that the interest of the student is maintained and the attention span stays better.

We at, Baccalaureate classes, understand the same and present the students with a team of trained tutors who are proficient in online as well as offline tutoring. We understand the problems faced by IB students, long syllabus, practical orientation, research acumen and with this the aim to score a 7 or an 8. The IB online tutor provides personalized effective one to one tutoring, online tutoring Classes are offered according to students needs and place of choice – home, school, etc.

IB tutor at Baccalaureate Classes are specialized in the IB curriculum and equipped with the wealth of customized resource material for students to use and challenge themselves and introspect to know what they don’t know. We focus that the entire program stays convenient with easily accessible lesson plans, from anywhere, anytime with a consistent tutoring help and technical support.

  • It also provide following features:
  • Flexibility in the scheduling of class.
  • Tailor-made study plan
  • Constant and continuous assistance.
  • Scope for feedback
  • Time-bound analysis of student performance which helps in effectively structuring and restructuring the future course of action.

IB online tutors provide advanced methods of E-assessment. Tutors use tools such as images, videos, graphs, and virtual labs and library or Google forms, live chatting, zoom classes, recordings to make sessions interactive and interesting, thus taking away the fear of assessment and instilling the student with confidence. Stimulative learning is most exciting for the learning mind and we realize the same at Baccalaureate classes.

To understand the specific subjects an online IB tutor with academic as well as applied experience in the field is been provided so, that students should not face any kind of problem and with the proper assistance of IB online tutor, he should be able to overcome his anxiety or phobia towards the subject.

Anxiety is the top reason why parents seek individual tuition for their child, Whether it is exam anxiety or stress, tutors prepare the students better by familiarizing them with the exam style and answering their questions until they feel safer (and safer is absolutely the right word to use with anxiety), or an overall fear of what is perceived to be a difficult subject is eased.

Anxiety isn’t the only issue that students are suffering from, but it is the pastoral area where tutors are most likely to be supporting the work that teachers are already putting in. By working one-to-one or in a group with a student, tutors have a unique ability to address that student’s individual fears and help them feel heard.

If online learning can help a student feel less anxious and help him to become resilient and give them the tools to learn independently, then we’ve done a huge service to the student and his parents. Schooling is the foundation and we at Baccalaureate classes aim to strengthen this foundation, so that tomorrow our students stand strong in the face of the world of work.

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