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Baccalaureate classes continues to follow its objective of redefining future of students who aspire to study in IB and other prevalent boards & determined to have a settled career abroad. Our educational institution is a foremost globally registered private tutoring organization which has been established to help and support students of International Baccalaureate – IBMYP, IBDP (all Group 1 to Group 6 subjects- HL, SL), International Universities Examinations – IGCSE, A & AS, O- levels, , AP, SAT and SAT 2nd (for all subjects) through this educationally demanding time with personalized private individual Online with exam oriented preparation.

IB Business Management Online Tutors at Delhi is available for every student who find its syllabus new and difficult to understand, Baccalaureate classes is here to support them with its comprehensive faculty of highly efficient tutors who are thorough with their subject.

With more than 6000 IB MYP / IB DP / IGCSE / AP/ SAT / A, AS, O level HOME TUTORS and ONLINE TUTORS who are highly experienced and highly qualified and help their students to apply thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, make reasoned, ethical decisions, combine academic study with acquisition of robust practical and investigational skills. Baccalaureate classes (IBEA) offers private Individual Home Tutors and Individual online Tutors studying the different courses offered by The International Baccalaureate from age group 3-19.

As prominent global educators, academic adviser and mentors for 15 years, Baccalaureate classes & IB Business and Management Online Tutor have vast experience of teaching International Baccalaureate IB MYP, IB DP, European Baccalaureate, IGCSE, American curriculum, Advanced Placement, A & AS, O– Levels, and SAT. Thousands of students have shown remarkable and noted improvement in their grades after taking classes from our tutors, which helped them to get into top USA, UK University and other universities of their choice.

Whether you seek quick assistance in any IB Group 1 To Group 6 Subjects / IGCSE / A, AS, OLevels/ SAT And SAT-II Or Want To Set Up Regular Weekly Tutoring, Baccalaureate classes Tutors Will Be of great support. Baccalaureate classes Tutors & IB Business and management online tutor follow the updated methods of elements to help their students to improve their grades:

Assign appropriate homework worksheets and assignments in an interactive, encouraging, rapid manner Boost the confidence of the students encouraging them to ask their doubts, and then help out the students in solving their doubts in separate sessions. Keep an authentic record of a) student’s learning progress, b) exams, c) results d) making them think and e) give regular feedback to the parents regarding the improvements in their child.

Observe the progress of the students with frequent tests and getting them practice past year papers on regular basis that is the most effective means of pre exam preparation. This will help them realize their merits and fix their demerits. Our faculty of online tutors focuses on weak points/topics of each and every student by using various audio-visual aids and ingenious methods of memorable learning experience.

Arrange engaging and playful audio-visual aids for the students for interpretation of deep concept comprehension in making their students believe that potential rises with responsibility, hard work and proper forethought.

Baccalaureate classes & IB Business and Management Online Tutor have been offering customized tutoring solutions for all subjects like Mathematics, Sciences, Arts, Individuals and Societies, Studies in Languages and Literature, Language Acquisition. We serve with all IB GROUP 1 to GROUP 6 subjects. Baccalaureate classes have been helping out students in exam preparations by providing:

  • Individual IB Business and Management Online Tutor
  • Individual Home Tutors
  • Solved past years’ papers for IB DP
  • Solved past years’ papers for IGCSE
  • Internal assessment help lines
  • Additional essay help lines
  • Exam oriented entire syllabus rapid revision
  • Chapter Wise Notes
  • Chapter Wise PPTs
  • Exam Oriented Preparation
  • Chapter wise assignment question papers based on past papers
  • Exam oriented Whole Syllabus rapid revision

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