Learn the Basics of Mathematics AA and AI from Our Online IB Maths Tutor during Lockdown

Recently, IB introduced a syllabus change for their Maths diploma courses, sending shock waves through students and faculty worldwide who are still grappling with the announcement of exam cancellations due to the Covid-19 scare. Amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, this news has sent children in a tizzy as they grapple with the enormous task of digesting the vast repository of information available online to make a sound choice that will influence their future. As school teachers still wrap their heads around this new development, our competent online IB Maths tutors at Baccalaureate Classes will offer you some novel insights into which subject will be the best fit for you. Before you hand out your subject choice forms, get in touch with our experienced IB Maths online tutors to receive clarity on how the two new courses will impact your career and what’s at stake.

Overview of New IB DP Math Courses

As per the old curriculum, which will be applicable for the students giving their exams in the November 2020 cycle, the ones who preferred a career in Sciences were recommended by our IB Maths online tutors to opt for for Maths Studies SL or IB Math SL whereas those who were inclined towards engineering chose IB Math HL. Starting 2021, with IB Math Applications and Interpretation and IB Math Analysis and Approaches in the picture, things will be different.

Applications and Interpretation SL is akin to current Maths Studies, which, according to our expert IB Maths online tutor, is suitable for children who aren’t strong at Math and don’t intend to study Math-based courses after school. Applications and Interpretation HL, on the other hand, is entirely different from the current courses, which is why it is best suited for students who enjoy being challenged and are looking at Finance as a viable career option. Analysis and Approaches SL is equivalent to the current Maths SL course. Our online IB Maths tutor believes that children who are moderate at Mathematics and look forward to pursuing Sciences or Economics are ideal for this course. Lastly, Analysis and Approaches HL, which is indistinguishable from Current Maths HL, is apt for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning or getting a PhD in Math. It is the most intensive course out of all, but don’t fret, there is no course that our online IB Maths tutors can’t help help you out with.

IB Mathematics AI (Application and Interpretation)

If you opt for Applications and Interpretation, our IB Maths AI tutor will emphasise on the practical usage of mathematical formulas and concepts. Within the SL module, you will be taught general probability, correlation coefficient, function modelling, systems of equations, equation of perpendicular bisectors and basic integration, among other things. Within the HL module, our IB Maths tutor will cover matrices, radians, log and exponential laws, trig, vectors, graph theory, kinematics, differential equations, integration, area and volume, sampling and data collection methods etc. Our IB Math tutor will specially emphasise on Statistics and Modelling to help children solve real-world problems by using a combination of technology and Mathematics.

IB Mathematics AA (Analysis and Approaches)

If theoretical math appeals to you, Analysis and Approaches is your calling. Our IB Maths AA tutor will develop your mathematical problem-solving and thinking skills by training you in the discipline of pure Math. The IB Math AA SL module covers topics like simple deductive proof, regression, trigonometry, calculus, and x on y regression line equation, to name a few. The HL module, on the other hand, analyzes abstract mathematical theories at its foundation. Within IB Math AA HL, our IB Maths AA tutor will hone your understanding of Partial Fractions, Binomial Theorem, De Moivre’s Theorem, L’ hospital rule, rational functions, concepts in sampling, Maclaurin Series etc. These topics were previously missing from the IB Mathematics syllabus. Most schools may be inept at handling these complex theorems with the onset of sudden change, but our online IB tutors are well-versed with these concepts and can break complex equations into simpler one for you in a few easy steps.

The SL v/s HL Conundrum of IB Mathematics

As an HL student, there’s 90 hours worth of content that you will be tested on in your AI and AA examinations. However, as an SL student, you’ll only have 60 hours worth of content common to both AA and AI courses. Our IB Maths online tutor suggests you ask yourself if there’s any such thing like too much Mathematics for you. Keep in mind that all of the SL curriculum is part of HL, so in case you’re pursuing HL and want to drop down to SL (assuming your school permits) because the pressure got to you, you can do so without losing out on anything. There is also a difference in terms of how HL and SL students are tested. The HL paper will have fewer marks dedicated to common standard questions as compared to the SL paper. The former will also have exclusive questions testing the additional higher level material which our online IB Maths tutor can apprise you with. The SL paper will be more guided than the HL paper. Understanding what the question demands is a skill you can slowly imbibe with the help of our IB Maths tutor, after which the rest of the paper will seem like a breeze to you. In addition to this, HL students are also required to give a third paper. Though this examination is an interesting addition to the course, it is strenuous and challenging by the looks of it. Don’t let this paper scare you, but do consider reaching out to our IB Maths AA tutor and IB Maths AI tutor for guidance and support.

Use of GDC in IB Math AA Paper

It’s also worth mentioning that the AA course has a non-calculator paper which accounts for 40% of the overall grade, whereas the AI course requires intensive use of a graphic calculator. If you’re not a fan of hard core arithmetic work, our IB online Math tutor suggests you pick any AA course. As per our IB Math tutor, several international programs like ACTs, SATs, AS and A-levels require the use of graphic calculators, so those who want to challenge themselves will have a gala time with this course! But remember that you’re expected to go through AI papers quickly which is only possible through efficient use of the graphic calculator, so make a wise choice. If you’re still in two minds about which course you should opt for, get a hold of our online IB Math tutor at Baccalaureate Classes to learn the most practical and updated IB Math exam skills.

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