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IGCSE English Tutor with IB Teacher

IGCSE English syllabus allows students to read, interpret and evaluate texts through literature study in English. Students develop an understanding of the literal meaning, they learn to recognize and appreciate the ways in which writers use English to achieve a series of effects. IGCSE tutor online enable students to communicate confidently and effectively. They learn how to respond to text or media. The curriculum develops speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English.

So to help you with IGCSE English we have one of the most famous academies, IB Classes offers IGCSE English. Both online and home tutor service is for students. The IB team has very experienced trained and qualified teachers. Individual tailor-made lessons are offered to students. Our teachers have been updated with the latest syllabus. The big advantage of our teachers is that they have a strong academic background. IB teachers help students to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively, both verbally and in writing. They teach students how to use vocabulary, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation. Reading habit has been developed in students, so that grammar, vocabulary and communication skills are improved.

Course goals for:
• It enables the student to respond to what he hears, reads and experiences
• It enables students to communicate accurately, appropriately, confidently and effectively.
• Improves student personality.
• The student's speaking skills have improved
• They are able to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions effectively.
• They can use different sentences in the right way

Teachers follow the following schedule to improve the student's grades:
• Teaching students according to their level of understanding.
• Good guidance or assistance is offered to students.
• Encourage students to put their doubts.
• Periodic revision test.
• Teachers keep track of the student's progress.

Thousands of students have shown remarkable improvements in their scores after attending IB IGCSE online English tutor.

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