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With the onset of Pandemic driven lockdown, the conventional education system went online, making it easier for students to study without travelling, thus saving unnecessary travelling expenditure and wastage of time in it. But, a study also found that, it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch upon the science subjects dealing with rigid mathematical formulas, complicated Theories and concepts and complex definitions with equations. Notably, The three most important beaches of Science I.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry require specific attention for students who find the broad IB Chemistry syllabus difficult to understand in regular school classes or group online classes. Baccalaureate Classes helps such students to overcome their weak points in IB Chemistry, into strength that further helps them to score the best ever scores during IB Chemistry exams.

Baccalaureate Classes offers free demo session to students looking for expert guidance in IB chemistry. Once you Request for a lesson and tell us in which part of the subject you need help with, we will get you in touch with a highly proficient IB Chemistry tutor, expert at coaching students from renowned IB schools worldwide, thereafter we set up the first lesson.

Attend the First Class and first lesson. Get a feel of comfort with the classroom. Enjoy Learning Chemistry- The Central Science.

Once you are satisfied with the teaching of our expert IB Chemistry tutor, our trained counsellor will prepare the weekly schedule of your online coaching sessions according to your convenience. Our reliable IB Chemistry tutor will be authorised to taking your chemistry classes on a weekly basis.

Our IB Chemistry tutors at Baccalaureate Classes are selected after a rigorous interview process - only the most efficient and experienced teachers make the final cut. Our wide faculty of IB chemistry tutors are experts in the latest IB curricula and have in-depth experience in training students from all over the world. We deliver live One-to-One classes, customized study materials including key guide notes, solved questionnaires based on past years questions, worksheets etc. to suit every student's unique requirements, besides ensuring every student get the tutor's undivided attention. From getting hold over a complex topic to getting an additional advantage over your peers, our 24/7 live online session will help you achieve a milestone in the long run that will pave the way for a promising career for the student abroad, relevant to the field of Chemistry. Our state of the art online classrooms at Baccalaureate Classes, turns a regular tedious learning session into a fun and engaging one for our student's, ensuring your learning experience becomes seamless.

Our dedicated faculty of IB Online Chemistry tutor believe in persistent practice of all topics, thus after completion of every major topic, they take up a surprise periodical test whose questions are set according to the similar question paper pattern in IB Chemistry exams. Such tests helps students to become familiar with the exam pattern and scoring method, reducing their nervousness during real IB exams, besides students to answer all questions by using key tips and tricks to crack complex chemical equations or sums at the earliest, thus helping them to acquire crucial time management skills, a must factor for every student to have in order to successfully score the best grade in all science subjects.

Bring the excellence of our team to your study room with exclusive individual online tuition for your children, available at every major Indian cities. Our highly specialised faculty of IB Chemistry tutors help students Improve their grades by infusing an interest for the subject through practical learning which in turn gives them a clear insight to understand the syllabus. Our students, therefore gain confidence to imply the practical knowledge in their crucial IB exams.

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