IB Biology Tutorial Classes in Gurugram

Baccalaureate Classes in Gurugram offers outstanding teaching on Biology. Since Biology constitutes most of the medical & research careers, many students search for a teacher who is experienced and thorough in the subject. They expect the teacher to resolve their queries regarding complex concepts, theories, diagrams, terminologies and processes dealt in Biology. Here, the requirement for an IB Biology tutor has been deeply realized. You’ll get an IB biology tutor either for the group, home, and Online Tuition purpose.

Those students will be interested who aspire to learn the progressive subject and willing to acquire international standard knowledge and skill. Notably, the guardians or parents who want their children to get educated and make a career abroad in future, seek for an opportunity to get their children to build a powerful foundation for the Biology subject which opens innumerable promising career options abroad. We are there to help you uplift your child's score in biology by providing facilitating online or home tuition as per your location.

The Broad Horizon of IB Tuition

With the strategy of One to one individual as well as group home tuitions for Biology, our online tuition service is spread within the broad horizon overseas. Just contact us immediately. Our task books and other study materials are based on the latest syllabus, covering all the topics of the IB Biology textbooks assuring students do not miss out any significant topic in their exam.

Components of Online Tutoring

With the use of the Internet, Skype, webcam, e-mail, and interactive digital whiteboard, we carry the online tutoring service to the next level. Hence, there will be a satisfactory and fun full session by a proper interaction between tutors and students. Students can opt for group tuition or individual tuition considering the mutual consent from their guardian. But, we believe in individual online tuition as we always focus on individual student’s merits and demerits. The teaching session will be completely exciting.

Our Facilities

Need Home Tutor or Online Tutor or coaching center in Gurgaon? Just give us a call, we will appoint an expert IB Biology tutor in Gurugram immediately and other areas respectively. As our teachers are available online for 24×7 hours, Tuition lessons can be arranged anytime, anywhere considering the convenience of students. With no travel burden at all, students can fit it pleasantly during leisure hours. Additionally, you can have the best tutor for your kids during the holidays. During every online biology tutorial session, students can work together with a biology tutor on a shared virtual whiteboard, chat directly with a tutor and more. Whether you need help late at night or the morning before his biology exam, our academy has you covered with online tutors 24/7.

We satisfy of multidisciplinary learning, which strengthens the potential to bond with compound ideas. Students obtain guidance on sovereign research, academic sincerity, and web education.

Our Organized Course

  • We offer our students with the best study resources for Biology, CBSE Class 11 which is prepared by our academic experts.
  • All textbook questions and sums of IB Biology Class XI are to be discussed and solved.
  • The students can raise Class XI overall percentage with Biology Scores.
  • We have developed a comprehensive program for the students of Class XI.
  • Regular doubt sessions, study material, and in-class practice help students a lot to be on track with their studies to get an outstanding score in Biology.
  • Important short-cuts, conceptual tips, and tricks are also given to the students which allow them to solve any question quickly and easily.
  • We focus on the individual progress of students and make sure that each student does better in examinations.
  • We conduct regular tests to check the performance of the students.

Characterisitcs of Classroom Coaching

  • Limited batch sizes
  • Furnished Classrooms
  • Daily Practice Sessions
  • Dynamic and Expert Faculties
  • Comprehensive Study Materials
  • Qualified and competent Teachers
  • Solving and analyzing past papers
  • Individual Doubt clearing sessions
  • Fully Targeted Exam Based Coaching

Sample Papers and Test Series

We have developed Biology for IB Diploma Biology for IB MYP Sample Papers as per the latest curriculum and syllabus recommended by the board.

These sample papers will help students to get more confidence & transparency to score better marks in the upcoming exams.

Solving these sample papers will enable students to grow effective time management which forms a crucial part of every examination and they also learn to rectify their drawbacks in a particular subject.

Characteristics of IB Sample Papers

  • Sample papers are based purely on IB syllabus.
  • Sample papers are having solutions based on Board marking patterns.
  • papers have been developed with proper timing and maximum marks.
  • Sample papers are based on questions which are of a similar pattern to that of actual examinations.

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