How To Cope Up With The Stress Of Online Schooling

As if 100% cut off to get admission into prestigious universities and increased competition in entrance exams was not enough, online schooling in 2020 is pushing many students to their breaking point. Unfortunately, virtual schools do not have the infrastructure to meet the needs of every student and fall short of meeting the expectations of parents. Every student learns at their own pace, which they have to adjust to meet the pace of their school lessons. This contributes to their anxiety and stress. The general opinion among students and parents is that tuitions ease the academic pressure pupils face. With the help of Baccalaureate Classes, many parents have seen significant improvement in the subject-wise performance of their children.

Improve Study Habits

Through IB online tuition, the child will learn study habits that they will use for life. We ensure we teach students how to develop advanced study skills to ease the stress they face when their exams are approaching. We further equip students with advanced time management skills and superior study skills to prepare them for college entrance tests. We encourage our students to prepare for their goals both inside and outside school by working smart. We wrap up the curriculum in advance so that children get an idea of what’s going to be on it. We then get along with our students to practice HOTS questions and solve practice papers so that they’re prepared to tackle their exam days better.

Establish A Positive Study Environment

Our online IB Maths tutor and IB Physics tutor equip strive to make their students independent thinkers. The child will learn to take responsibility for their studies once they start taking IB tuition and imbibe good study practices taught in class. Since we offer personalised classes to our children, we get to know our students’ interests, personalities, learning styles and mindsets. We’re also able to offer better support to our students in terms of career counselling because we’re cognizant of their future goals and objectives. By judging and labeling children, school teachers often shirk the responsibility of teaching them. Our goal, on the other hand, is to uncover the underlying reason for their behaviour and deal with academic issues directly rather than avoiding them.

Challenge Yourself

Instead of sticking to a monodirectional form of learning, our IB online tutors help under-stimulated kids reach their full potential by challenging them to study differently. Most students think that learning is supposed to be stress-inducing but that’s not the case. We utilise various virtual learning tools in our IB online tuitions to ensure that students are engaged and learn while having fun. For example, our IB English tutor uses TED Talks and popular English songs to help IB students analyse various non-literary text types. Our language tutors also use Duolingo to provide children with a system that works well for both beginners and experts. Using the mobile app, the students can beef up their language skills at their own pace stress-free.

Manage Your Time Well

Online schooling grants students a high amount of autonomy, but it’s also easy for them to lose track of time and not stay on the task at hand. When your hours are not dictated by your teacher, it is easy to procrastinate. That’s why our IB online tutors suggest using a calendar as a to-do list. Our IB online physics tutor asks IB students to create calendar invites for the task students need to accomplish in the day. This way, children can be reminded of their tasks, especially if they schedule them with an alert. As a consequence, they can dictate the amount of time they want to spend on each task and manage their time better. Our IB Math tutor also suggests scheduling breaks in your calendar to make sure you get adequate rest and time for recreation activities. By implementing the aforementioned technique, you can raise the quality of your study sessions without increasing the quantity of time you spend on them.

Keep The Lines Of Communication Open

It won’t hurt to maintain good communication with your IB online physics tutor, despite not being in the same physical location. School teachers are responsible for 35-45 students at a time, which doesn’t permit them to ensure the social and emotional well-being of a child. Usually, reticent children are not able to express their troubles and anxieties in front of a large group. Giving individual attention to IB students in the form of one-on-one sessions is cumbersome for most teachers who are overworked and underpaid. This is where our tutors come in. The most important thing for our IB tutors is establishing trust with their students. If students need to pause at any point of the day for non-academic obligations to take care of their mental health, they let our IB tutors know ahead of time that they won’t be able to take an online session. Our online IB maths tutor and IB physics tutor offer flexibility to their students and are reachable at all times. If you’re stressed about a test in the upcoming week or an assignment submission the day after, you can reach out to us to resolve your queries in a timely manner.

At Baccalaureate Classes, we encourage students to create a reward system to help them stay motivated even when they don’t feel like putting in the time and effort. That can create a positive reinforcement cycle for the IB students. Balance can be difficult to maintain in your life but it is crucial for academic success. If you are struggling to cope up with online schooling, reach out to us for IB tuition classes and visualise your life taking a 360 degree turn.

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