How online personalized classes are changing the way we learn

"The teacher is unable to give enough time to an individual student." This is a general point we often come to hear.

Generally, a classroom holds 40 or more students, where it is not possible for the teacher to pay attention to every individual student. The "multipurpose" approach is the biggest flaw of the traditional classrooms or teaching method in Indian education system. The schools have so far operated schools as if they were industrial factories, with all students receiving a systematized education regardless of their cognitive level, learning pace and style.

One of the most evident ways to address this problem is opting for personalized learning or one-on-one learning.

So what are the gains of personalized learning?

It's a student oriented learning which emphasizes on each students interests, potential, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a coordinator of learning for individuals rather than for the class entirely.

Learning is personalized and students gain from independently paced, directed straightforward to learning tasks that begin from where the student is, evaluate surviving skills and knowledge, and address the student’s needs and interests.

Learning is proficiency -based where students move forward when they have bespoken ability of the content, not when they've experienced the required hours in a classroom. Baccalaureate classes offer the most innovative one to one learning method instead of the conventional ways of the regular teaching methods.

It often happens that in a regular classroom a student will hesitate in expressing himself/herself in front of others. Individual tutoring is the ideal opportunity to clear up any queries a student might not follow cautiously and confidently.

Student just needs to focus on points that he/she may need help with, while the student can skip the parts or lessons that they've have are well aware of.

But one-on-one learning has its disadvantages as well

A reliable internet connectivity and speed are necessary components at both the ends i.e. student and tutor. Any interruption in the internet connectivity or slowdown in the internet speed can upset the learning experience.

In a conventional classroom, students can learn up to a great extent by interacting thereby sharing their ideas with others and by performing exercises in which they can learn from their peers. Unlike a conventional classroom, there is very less or no peer-to-peer learning that can develop the social skills of an introvert student. Moreover, it can be difficult to actually interpret the progress without other students to compare with.

Despite these few factors, online one to one tutoring has made learning reachable to anyone with internet connectivity in an affordable manner, enabling learning to be personalized and simple.

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