How exactly an IB Tutor can help you score 45/45 in IB Diploma?

International Baccalaureate curriculum is a very advanced and rigourous educational program. Every subject of IB Diploma program is quite challenge and advanced as compared to other academic courses of higher secondary level. Most of the prestigious universities in the world accept the score of this curriculum. The total number of subjects a student can opt is six and part from these six subjects, every IB student is suppose to choose and extended essay (EE), theory of knowledge (TOK) and creativity, activity, service (CAS) for the successful completion of IB diploma program developed by International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The maximum possible points for each subject is 7 and all six subjects make it 42 in total, plus the maximum possible grade for EE or TOK is 3, which makes the total final grade 45 for the curriculum. Generally 28 to 34 are considered as an average score. Score from 35 to 39 are considered as a good score. Any score in the range of 40-44 is an excellent score and 45 out of 45 is a perfect score. In this blog we will discuss how exactly an IB student can obtain a perfect score in IB.

Guidance by an IB Tutor for choosing the IB Diploma subjects

Students entering to IB Diploma program must take some guidance from an experienced IB tutor for subject selection. Choosing the subjects as per the student’s interest, capability and potential is very important to learn and understand the subject in a productive manner. A student can score well in the subject only when he or she has understood the basic concepts and fundamentals and also knows how to apply the fundamentals to solve the problems. Our every IB tutor puts more emphasis on strengthening the basic conceptual understanding of students. A good amount of practice is also needed to perform well during the examination. It has been observed that most of the International Baccalaureate question paper contains logical and application based questions, these questions can only be cracked during the paper if the basic concepts of the student is clear and he has also practiced similar exam style questions in the past. Generally it is very difficult to score well in the IB Diploma final exam without a minimum level of practice.

Past Papers practice tips by our IB Tutors

Our IB tutors make all the students to practice the past years papers of all three time zones. Once the students are done with practicing all the available past year papers of the subjects, they will obviously feel more prepared the confident during the exams and would be able to perform well optimizing their potential. A lot of students also face some issue regarding the shortage of time they face during the paper. This leads to reduce the total attempted questions by the students. To get rid of time shortage problems during the exam, our IB tutors also guide the students about their time management. Our IB tutors ask the student to create a list of topics in which they are under confident and hence take more time to solve problems of those particular topics. Then they again teach these topics from basics and provide worksheets on the topics. Once the students are done with their worksheets, a doubt clearing session happens in which our IB tutors clear the conceptual as well as numerical doubts of the students. After this students are advised to practice some more topics wise past paper problems to boost their confidence in the chapter. Our IB tutors not only train the students to optimize their time management skills but also make them feel more confident before their IB finals.

Instructions by an IB Online Tutor to prioritize the IB Diploma Subjects

Our IB online tutor suggests the students to prioritize their six subjects in a proper order of importance. Importance of the subjects do not mean that a student will aim to score more in one subject and less in other subject of less interest. As we are aiming here for a perfect score which is 45 out of 45. Hence it is very important to arrange the subjects in the priority order of time it consumes. For example, It is a very common fact the IB Maths HL of IB Diploma takes maximum time among all the six subjects. Hence the students must understand that they have to devote more time in learning and practicing mathematics problems of IB diploma program. We can’t give equal time to all the six subjects because the difficulty level and practice amount for different subjects is different. Similarly the toughness level and variations in the paper questions in different subject is different. Therefore it is not a very smart idea to divide your study time equally among your six subjects. As an IB Online tutor for math I would suggest to devote maximum possible time to this subject keeping the difficulty level and toughness.

Time management advice by our Online IB Tutors

Our online IB tutors suggest the student that after math, the second most time consuming subject is Physics Higher level (HL). If you carefully observe the IB Physics chapter’s content, you will realize that there is very less to teach in this subject, the number of concepts or the broadness of the topic is not much high, still the students face a lot of difficulty in solving IB Physics problems. Our IB Physics tutor suggests the student to learn the basic concepts of the chapters in an analytical and logical manner. If the basic conceptual understanding of this subject is crystal clear then definitely the students would be able to crack the numerical also. Students struggle with the problems because they are not able to think which concepts and formulae will be used in the problem or how to initiate the problem. Our IB Physics Online tutor trains the students to break the problem into small parts so that they can analyze it properly and extract the known and unknowns in the problem. So, we see that Math and Physics are the two most time consuming subjects of IB Diploma curriculum. Rest of the six subjects takes comparatively lesser time and student can develop the strategy as per their choice under the guidance of our expert tutors. Kindly feel free to contact Baccalaureate Classes for more information or any help regarding your IB subjects. We would be more than happy to help you in making you achieve a perfect score in IB Diploma Final examination. Good luck students!

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