How easy it is to score 7 points in IB Maths HL : Tips from an Online IB Maths Tutor

Majority of IB students think that it is very difficult to score seven points in IB Maths HL and it has become an assumption among the students that it is a tough subject. Now a day many IB maths SL students have also started fearing mathematics. Being an online IB maths tutor I completely nullify this false assumption that mathematics of international baccalaureate is a very tough course. In fact I can say confidently that IB math is a very promising course in which you can score seven out of seven by just maintaining a consistency and a practical planning. International baccalaureate changes its maths curriculum every five years, this also promotes the fear of mathematics among students and they feel that it is a very challenging course, I agree that it is a very deep course as well as challenging also up to a certain extent but it’s not very difficult to score 7 points in IB maths HL. I have been tutoring IB math from last seven years and during my teaching I have experienced that it is all about clarity of concepts. This subject is all about logical thinking and application of your analytical mind. As an IB maths tutor I recommend all the students to focus on learning the concepts with an open mind. If a student tries to learn and understand the basic concepts, then nothing can stop him or her to achieve a decent grade in IB mathematics.

IB Maths AA (analysis and approaches) Vs AI (application and interpretation)

I started working as an IB maths online tutor in 2012 and just after two years I came to know that IB has changed its mathematics syllabus and paper pattern. I got quite curious after knowing this fact and upon a deep analysis I found that they have removed few topics and added few more topics and also changed the layout of the paper. As an IB math tutor I can say that this is a good practice to update the curriculum as per the university needs. Again in year 2019, the mathematics curriculum was changed by IB and they introduced two new courses which are called IB Maths AA (analysis and approach) and IB maths AI (application and interpretation). Both of these courses are offered at standard level and higher level. In this way an online IB math tutor has to teach total four courses to the students as per their choice. If we compare both the variants as per the content, we observe that almost sixty percent syllabus is same but there is a different in tutoring hours of the chapters which eventually changes the depth of the topics. IB maths AA (analysis and approaches) has been designed for those students who are keen about pursuing a course in mathematics, engineering or pure sciences in their under graduation. IB maths AI(application and interpretation) has been developed for those students who are more passionate about other streams in their under graduation such as data science, economics or various types of business management and non science courses.

Strategy to score seven out of seven in IB Maths HL

Our team of IB math online tutor has deeply analysed the syllabus and specimen papers of new IB maths. As it is clear that IB maths analysis and approaches higher level (AA HL) has total three papers out of which paper 1 is non calculator based and paper 2 and paper 3 are calculator based. This means that paper 1 will check your conceptual understand and clarity, hence to score well in the first paper you have to learn the topics in detail. The remaining two papers will check the application of the concepts. The paper pattern of IB maths application and interpretation has three papers and all are calculator based. Our IB online maths tutor suggests that students should not only learn the chapters in detail but they should also practice the problems using their calculator in a consistent manner. The strategy to score seven points in IB maths HL or SL has three important phases. Phase 1 consists of learning the fundamentals from a prescribed textbook and solving at least 30% of the exercise problems as well solving all the questions of review exercises. Phase 2 consists of topic wise past papers problem solving. This helps the students to identify and strengthen their weaker points. Phase 3 consists of solving at least ten full length past papers for each paper type. Over the years as an IB mathematics tutor I have experienced that students who follow these three phase strategy easily score seven or at least six in their IB mathematics final examination.

How to cope up with Online IB tutoring

As we know that whole world is fighting together with Coronavirus disease (Covid – 19) pandemic and there is no offline schooling. In this scenario a lot of students are finding it difficult to cope up with the new IB Maths AA or IB maths AI. Many students feel difficulty in learning maths in the actual classrooms or face to face tutoring, so it is quite obvious that they will feel uncomfortable in understanding this subject online but we have got no choice here. The only choice we have got to improve the online tutoring methodology and train our online IB tutors so make the teaching more effective. Teaching in a virtual classroom requires lot of visualization and thinking, hence it becomes mandatory to use effecting teaching tools to make the tutoring much more productive. An IB online tutor must improve and update himself or herself in using the latest virtual whiteboards and other teaching tools. It is also very clear that the future of teaching is going to be based on online methodology only hence it is better to adapt this change as soon as possible. At Baccalaureate Classes, we have a trained team of IB tutors with many years of experience in online tutoring. Our every IB tutor is fully skilled, updated and confident in online tutoring using virtual whiteboards and other teaching software. Kindly feel free to explore our website or contact us for any information regarding IB online tuition. We would be more than happy to provide you any kind of assistance.

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