How an Experienced Online IB Physics Tutor Can Help You Notch a 7 Point in Physics HL?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that even with a competent school teacher, an IB Physics HL student will likely spend a lot of one-on-one time with an IB Physics online tutor to understand the complex concepts covered in the course. At Baccalaureate Classes, we pride ourselves on having the most qualified team of IB Physics tutors to assist you in your dream of scoring a 7 point. The Physics Core belongs to the group 4 academic area called Experimental Sciences. Physics, Chemistry and Biology are some of the group 4 subjects. Each IB Diploma student has to take one Science. A student can opt for two subjects from group 4 too. Physics can be studied at Higher Level (HL) or Standard Level (SL). The difference, as our online IB tutor correctly points out, is that at Higher Level, the subject is studied in greater depth than Standard Level. In other words, if you take Physics at Higher Level, you will cover more material and some of the topics/concepts covered are slightly more demanding than those studied at the Standard Level course. you’re worried about coping up with the vast syllabus amidst the Coronavirus lockdown, don’t fret. Our online IB Physics tutors are working round-the-clock to make sure your studies don’t suffer during this Covid-19 pandemic.

IB Physics Course Structure

Every student is required to study a core syllabus, additional one option, participate in a group project and spend a stipulated number of hours doing investigative/practical work. On top of that, HL students also have to study Additional Higher Level (AHL) material. In the Higher Level course, some of the topics that are covered in the Core syllabus include Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Oscillations and Waves, Electric Currents, Fields and forces, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Energy, Power and Climate Change. You can choose any one option from the following Theory (Options) list: Electromagnetic Waves, Communications, Astrophysics, Relativity and Particle Physics, Digital Technology, Quantum Physics and Nuclear Physics and finally, Sight and Wave Phenomena. The AHL syllabus includes overlapping topics/concepts covered in the Theory (Options) list. Our online IB physics tutors suggest preparing the core syllabus first before venturing into unknown territory.

Assessment Pattern of IB physics

The final IB external exam consists of three papers. Paper 1 consists of multiple-choice questions. Paper 2 covers the core and AHL material for Higher Level students. Paper 3, on the other hand, consists of questions from the one optional paper to study. For Higher Level, paper 1 consists of 40 MCQ’s and it has duration of 1 hour. Paper 2 consists of various short answer questions and extended response questions that test your knowledge of the core syllabus and AHL material. You will have 2.25 hours to attempt this paper. Paper 3 consists of several data and practical-based questions as well as short and extended response questions from the one option studied. Since it is compulsory to attempt them all, our IB Physics tutor suggests choosing a subject that interests you because this is one of the most scoring papers out of all three. Most of the important formulas used in the course are available in a data booklet which you’ll be provided during each of the three exams for your calculations. The internal exam comprises individual investigation and a write-up of 6-12 pages.

Expert Tips from Our IB Physics HL Tutor

A lot of students who opt for IB Physics are math wizards, but you can’t bank on just calculations alone to get a 7 point in Physics HL. If you need to play to your strengths to ace the IB Physics paper, then here are some tips for you by our online IB Physics tutor. First, do not be under the impression that you can get a 7 without attempting past papers from the last seven years in a timed environment. Make sure you check your answers against the mark scheme understand the mistake you’ve committed and instead of making a mental note of it, write down the error on a sticky note and glue it where you can see it often. This way, you will be less prone to committing the same mistake again. Our IB physics online tutors advise you to stay disciplined and follow the routine of making notes for concepts you don’t understand, reading and re-reading them, and attempting practice questions with and without notes.

Choosing an IB Physics IA Topic

A great Physics Internal Assessment should revolve around a topic you’re genuinely interested in. If you do not have a specific interest in a phenomena/topic/concept, then our IB Physics HL tutor suggests reading around it. Ideally, by the end of your first year, you should have some favourite topics from your syllabus. You can also get around to reading books/articles/magazines about that topic. Our expert IB online physics tutor suggests you lout for the “fun facts” section given in your textbook to generate interest. After you find a topic which not only interests you but also does not step out of bounds from the background of IB Physics, the sky is your oyster. Opting for a good IA topic and coming up with a sound research question is 50% of the work done. Our experienced IB online physics tutors can help you with the rest of the 50%, which is searching for relative data in data banks and conducting experiments based on it. Once you get processable data from an experiment either done by you or by our online IB Physics tutor, you’ll be able to write a decent IO that answers your research question. All you require is generating interest in the topic of your choice and touching base with our IB online tutor. That should do the trick for you to get the 7 point that you dream of.

Quite contrary to common belief, writing the IA paper isn’t a Herculean task. IB has some “requirements” and “suggested features” that it looks for in every IA, and if you satisfy that part then you can easily sail through. Our IB tutors cannot stress on this point enough: keep the marking scheme handy and refer to it time and again while writing your IA. If you want a teacher to motivate you and instill discipline in you to obtain a grade 7, look no further than our pantheon of online IB Physics tutors at Baccalaureate Classes who have a wealth of experience and know how to get the best out of every one of their students.

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