How a well experienced IB Maths Home Tutor can boost the score of an IB student?

As we know that IB curriculum is a very advanced and rigorous course. To help and guide the students enrolled in IB (international baccalaureate) curriculum; Baccalaureate Classes provides IB PYP Home Tutor, IB MYP Home Tutor and IB DP Home Tutor in Delhi & Gurgaon. IB Maths Home Tutor of Baccalaureate Classes (IB Maths HL Home Tutor and IB Maths SL Home Tutor) guides the students as per the latest IB Maths AA analysis & approach) and IB Maths AI (application & interpretation). Our IB PYP Maths Home Tutor, IB MYP Maths Home Tutor and IB DP Maths Home Tutor are well trained and experienced in IB Tuition. The advantages of having a IB maths home tutor is that a student learns the depth of IB maths from the comfort of his or her house. Another benefit of having an IB maths home tutor is that it saves the precious time of our IB students. We have different IB Tutors to handle IB PYP Maths, IB MYP Maths and IB DP Maths. Most of our IB PYP Maths Home Tutor teach the student in their homely environment by explaining the PYP Maths using real life examples and maths problems.

Our MYP Maths Home Tutor focuses on IB MYP Maths Criteria A (knowing & understanding), Criteria B (investigating patterns), Criteria C (communications) and Criteria D (use of mathematics in real life). Our MYP Maths Teacher helps IB MYP students to understand these criterion by making them practice enough number of IB MYP Maths Papers.Our IB PYP Maths Teacher at Baccalaureate Classes have designed IB PYP Maths Papers to to sharpen the minds of our young IB PYP champs.

If we talk about newly introduced IB DP Maths syllabus, it is very clear that this new IB Maths AA syllabus and IB Maths AI syllabus is mind blowing. IB Maths AA (analysis & approach) has two variants which are IB Maths AA SL and IB maths AA HL. Similarly IB maths AI (analysis & interpretation) has also two variants which are IB Maths AI SL and IB Maths AI HL. The team of IB Maths Home Tutors at Baccalaureate Classes are very excited for predicting the layout of IB Maths AA Papers and IB Maths AI Papers. The past papers of IB Maths AA and past papers of IB Maths AI are not available as it has been newly introduced from year 2019. Our IB maths Teachers are working hard to prepare the Sample papers of IB Maths AA and Sample Papers of IB Maths AI for both SL (Standard Level) and HL (Higher Level) of IB Mathematics. Please contact Baccalaureate Classes for more information about IB Maths AA Tuitions & IB Maths AI Tutors. Our IB Maths Tutors would be more than happy to help you in any of your IB Maths problems as well as in ur IB maths international assessments (IB Maths IA). We have a group of IB Maths IA Tutor who are specially trained in helping students in their IB Maths IA (whether it is IB Maths AA HL IA or IB Maths AA SL IA or it is IB Maths AI SL IA or IB Maths AI HL IA). So we have the solution to each and every IB Maths related problems for our budding IB students. Feel free to write us or call us for IB Maths Tuition as we provide IB Maths Tuition in Gurgaon and IB Maths Tuition in Delhi. Our IB Maths Home Tutor in Gurgaon are IB Maths Home Tutor in Delhi are always ready to help you. Also, We have IB Maths Tutors who teach in other Indian cities also such as Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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