Pandemic 2020 has taught us many lessons and even made us speak “Am I audible?” for about 1000 times a day. If you are happy being part of this online and remote learning and teaching, you are not alone and if at all you find yourself alone and left out in this system of learning, let us tell you that you are not alone. We have summed up all the aspects of the future of online IB education and kept it all before you. Now, it is been more than 9 months that we have been learning and teaching in our comfort zones but as they say, every coin has two sides. We are also facing self-discipline issues with this comfort. Yes, we all can wake up late and can save a lot of time. When it comes to the future of IB online education we all feel blessed as we all have the freedom to learn and teach from various time zones and various countries. You can easily connect to your IB ONLINE TUTOR from anywhere in the world. Online IB education is flourishing with every passing week and month as We explored many aspects of education as a whole. On one hand, we have known that we can enrich our resources of learning simply by making use of digital skillset and enjoy the benefits. On the other hand, we miss being around our social circle and the experience of practical learning. This pandemic (Coronavirus) has surely made facilitators rethink as to how the long term online education looks like.


You can save a lot of time:

One of the most important and heart winning side of online education is that we all have saved a lot of time, online education saves you from getting ready for the class and travel to reach. It is up to you as to how you utilize the time you saved. Undoubtedly, remaining online all day may get irritating after some point but let’s agree to this that it has made you work only when required, one tap of your laptop or PC will bring you back to your personal work. You can now have more time to clarify your doubts with your IB ONLINE PHYSICS TUTOR.

Enriched with ample resources:

Don’t you think that online IB education has blessed us all with ample resources like videos and other reading material? Yes. Our emails and the folders are now flooded with many such learning and teaching resources. You’ll find educators suggesting learners for links to get a further detailed explanation of any particular chapter. Your online IB ONLINE MATH TUTOR must have recommended you to go through many videos apart from the explanation he/she provided for the chapter and the particular concept. Though watching a lot many videos and rolling your eyes balls through reading material is not so pleasing experience all the time, it is going to keep you engaged almost all day. You are few clicks away from the mountain-sized information.

New learning technologies:

A matter of fact is that 67% of students do their coursework on their smartphones. Maybe in the coming days, your smartphones will have new and supporting features that will ultimately help in completing your academic assignments. Gradually, mobile technologies are going to be the game-changer in the coming years ahead. These new learning technologies will ensure you learn while traveling, during break times, and whenever possible for you. If you find yourself getting bored in online classes, it is possible that you may find your online future classes dynamic, interactive, and enjoyable. The technological ways of learning will prove to be beneficial in many technical subjects like Mathematics and Science. Your ONLINE IB MATHS TUTOR will be and must be using many of the technical ways to provide you with effective resources.

You will Develop Digital Skillset:

If you are familiar with the terms like Google docs, canvas, MS team, Google classroom, webinars, Group wikis, and Forums. Congratulations! You have made it to the 21st-century style of learning and teaching. The Digital Skillset is going to help you in many other ways. Keep your eyes and mind open, these digital tools will be your best companions we bet. The future of an online IB Education is going to shine brighter with all these Skillsets, we are sure.


Maintaining self-discipline:

You won’t have a specific time set aside for classes, seminars, and lectures. The other advantage of an online class is that you will have recorded lectures and loads of useful readings and videos to watch and the disadvantage is that it may turn you a little lazy in being consistent in your online classes. Catching up with your emails on fixed timings becomes an essential part of your online way of education. So before laziness starts dominating your academic routine, take a pause, and plan your routine. Sometimes motivation comes from doing and performing.

Regular communication breakdown:

Communicating physically and online has lots of differences. You must have faced this many times. The whole process of communicating and conveying things might get difficult due to the email process. If the learner isn’t tech-savvy, an educator is going to suffer for a longer period due to this pattern of learning. Sometimes you are going to get the replies to your most important emails almost after 3 weeks of sending an email, which is a communication breakdown.

Lack of practical training and experiences:

If you are a student who is aiming for a degree that requires hands-on skills and a practical form of learning, you might be unfortunate. Online education is not always welcomed by everyone and in every form. Digital classrooms are not going be happening for sure and learners and teachers are facing this type of problem now and then and will be facing this further. Your IB TUTOR is going to face the hurdle in making you understand few experiments online, through videos.


If we talk about the effectiveness of online education, Educators and learners will find it both positive and negative. Of course, it has both aspects. We all have given a dedicated attempt to online education during pandemic situation across the globe. It has made remote learning and teaching possible and it is surely a bliss in many ways but bridging the communication, practical, social, and emotional gap is a must for all of us which is not possible in an online way of education. Facilitators need to come up with much more creative ideas to keep the motivation and curiosity of students alive. To motivate and encourage them to keep connected with their peers and teachers. It is a challenge and we all must accept this with grace as it will allow us to polish our digital and self-disciplinary skills. Please feel free to write or call Baccalaureate Classes for any further information regarding IB curriculum online tuitions.

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