Baccalaureate Classes: Preparing IB Students For University And Beyond

Baccalaureate Classes, one of India’s leading IB tutoring academy, equips students with the skills required for them to excel long after they leave high school and go to college. Informed by the mission to create lifelong learners, our institution fosters a unique set of attributes in every student. Our IB tutors encourage students to think out of the box and explore issues, ideas and concepts that have local and global significance. This approach of ours helps children taking IB tuitions actively enjoy learning and sustain their love of learning throughout their lives.

Preparing Children for the Future

The IB program encourages students to apply thinking skills creatively and critically to recognise complex problems and make sensitive and reasonable decisions. At our organisation, every IB tutor connects the learning experiences that is imparted to the students with the world that they’ve experienced. Our IB tutors have a deep understanding of several cultures and views, thus bringing an appreciation of new views to their pedagogical practices. Their daily interaction with teachers and students from different parts of India and abroad helps them actively engage with global histories and cultures, which in turn benefits our students. The international mindedness of our mentees complements our mission statement. They are accustomed to seeking and evaluating a bevy of points of view, and are more than willing to grow from the experience.

Recognition of IB Diploma

There are IB schools in 156 countries worldwide and IB students apply in universities in over 90 countries annually. What is even more encouraging is that IB graduates are 21 percent more likely to gain admission into the world’s most coveted institutions. Every year, several students who graduate from our academy receive offers from premium universities. Globally, higher education institutions admit our students based on their stellar IB credentials. The credit of their accomplishments is a testimony of the hard work of every one of our IB tutor who works day and night to support our mentees’ learning and personal development.

Understanding our Approach

The extended essay and Individual Oral Commentary (IOC) requirement in the IB Diploma programme encourage students to acquire knowledge via direct experience. Our organization ensures that students who are taking IB tuitions have the independence of spirit required to explore new strategies, roles and ideas. Amidst the pandemic, our IB online tutors strive to make students more open-minded about the traditions, values and perspectives of other communities and individuals. We push our students to engage with unfamiliar terrains while picking the subject of their essay and explore their areas of interest. Our mentees deliver stimulating presentations and lead group assignments with confidence and empathy. They work willingly and effectively in collaboration with others, which brings them one step closer to their future academic goal.

Readying Students for Careers

All IB grads write a 4000-word Extended Essay, an independent piece of research that requires great organizational and independent research skills. The EE plays a significant role in preparing students for undergraduate research. As IB online tutors, our role is to help students formulate an appropriate research question and push them to engage in personal exploration of the topic at hand. The children who take IB tuition usually struggle with communicating ideas effectively and developing a logical and coherent argument. Our IB Physics tutor and online IB Maths tutor support students throughout the process of researching and writing the paper. The IB tuition sessions can be a valuable stimulus for our mentees and helps them to indirectly prepare for college admission interviews.

Developing Time Management Skills

All that independent study helps our students manage their time like an expert. Every one of our IB online tutor equips children with good study habits that translates into their mental and emotional well being. Our IB Math tutor and online IB Physics tutor suggest students to grab a calendar and plan their day in advance. We are well aware that organization techniques are of paramount importance for students who will begin their university life soon. This is why we focus on helping our mentees grow as a person and as a student.

Encouraging Critical Thinking

Every online tutor we hire is properly vetted. We make sure they align with our mission statement: to develop understanding in our students across a broad range of disciplines. Our IB online tutor who takes English Language and Literature encourages students to use the PEEL (Point-Evidence-Explanation-Link) approach in their essays to cover all their bases. In another world, our IB Physics tutor and online IB Maths tutor encourage students to look beyond the facts and develop their natural curiosity. Interpretation and inquisitiveness are the pillars of an IB education at Baccalaureate Classes.

International Qualification

All the teachers at our organisation, including our IB Math tutor and IB Physics online tutor, are encouraged to plan interdisciplinary classes. We make learning less compartmentalised by connecting ideas and topics from different subject areas. Every one of our IB online tutor has observed that after graduating, our students tend to go for diverse areas of study like law, medicine, nutrition, film studies and psychology, to name a few. Feedback collected from a range of IB graduates of our academy suggests that our students have an easier time adjusting to university studies.

These are a few reasons why you should enrol yourself at Baccalaureate Classes. At our academy, you will learn how to balance your local identity with an international mindset and actively engage with solutions that will help you build a better future for yourself and the world you inhabit. This year, our graduating class is headed to prestigious universities in India and abroad. Give us a chance by taking a 30-minute trial class with one of our expert tutors and see how your association with us works wonders for your academic ambitions.

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