An Emerging IB Online Tutoring Platform for International Baccalaureate Students

As more and more people become cognizant of the benefits of one on one e-learning, the demand for online tutoring platforms that are up to date with the advancements in educational technology is surging. Unsurprisingly, IB students are in no mood to take any chances on their academic future in the face of uncertainty and unpredictability surrounding Covid-19. The search for a learning platform that provides flexible tutoring schedules, comprehensive resource materials, timely feedback, and an IB online tutor who is an expert in their field and can empathise with the challenges you’re facing amidst the lockdown can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, Baccalaureate Classes ticks all these boxes, and more. Eight years since its inception, our customized IB online tutoring services have become a huge hit with both children and parents. Here’s why availing the help of an online IB tutor is a smart choice for you or your ward to get the help required to succeed in school.

Learn At Your Convenience from our IB Online Tutor

You can put technology to good use by recording your IB online tutoring sessions, which you can refer to when you want to revise lessons or you need some assistance with your internal assignments or HL/SL essays. Recording an online class is a major bonus for students who believe in learning at their own pace since they can set aside time during the day to go back to these lessons and slow them down or pause them whilst making personalized notes. At Baccalaureate Classes, our IB tutors are familiar with the maxim that no two students learn at the same pace. To offer the flexibility that students require to accomplish their learning objectives, our IB online tutor shares differentiated assessments asynchronously based on the student's learning style and use rubrics to activate self-evaluation. When our students process these resources in their own time, they’re able to make more meaningful contributions to the class and their responses become more streamlined.

Avail an IB Tutor from Anywhere

With an IB online tutor, you can get help from anywhere 24/7, whether it’s a night before your big test or three hours before your finals. Fretting over the lack of availability of qualified and experienced private IB tutor where you live is passé. An online IB tuition can be taken from anywhere as long as the student has access to the internet, thereby cutting down on commute time. As a parent, you may be concerned about your ward spending the majority of their time on the computer, tablet or mobile. But as schoolwork, especially e-Portfolio tasks, goes online, it has been proven that students’ familiarity with computers and technology can refine their digital competencies and accelerate their learning process. To help IB candidates impacted by school closure with completion of their assignments, Baccalaureate Classes uses video chatting and conferencing apps like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Face Time to support the remote completion of Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Written Tasks, Individual Oral Commentary (IOC), Viva Voce exams etc.

Receive Individual Attention from our Online IB Tutor

At Baccalaureate Classes, our IB tutors strive to acquaint themselves with the child’s learning style and adapt their methodology of teaching accordingly. This kind of individualised learning experience is often missing in a classroom setting, which comprises of roughly 25 to 40 participants. It is natural for a student to feel overwhelmed or frustrated in a large classroom environment by the conversations ensuing in the chat box, constant unmuting and muting of participants, and muffled voices of their peers in the background as the teacher tries to put their point across. A one on one session with our accomplished Online IB tutor can provide the student with an environment free of distractions, which is of paramount importance to augment the learning process. That’s not all, our private IB tutors go out of their way to form a positive working relationship with their students so that they don’t shy away from asking questions and getting their doubts cleared, which they’re often not able to do in a classroom setting without feeling self-conscious. Online IB tuitions offer a great opportunity to IBDP candidates who may feel demoralised or under-stimulated by helping them reach their full potential and making them more competent at juggling school work and studying for standardised tests like SAT, ACT and TOEFL.

Get Regular Progress Report of Online IB Tuitions

One of the major upsides of Online IB tuitions is that parents can monitor and supervise their ward’s progress without stepping outside the comfort of their homes. Our IB tutors offer comprehensive feedback to parents on their child’s progress and identify areas that require improvement based on the rigorous assessment criteria provided by IB. The students are assessed on their abilities to think critically, analyse problems, extract or synthesize information from multiple sources, and justify responses. Instead of waiting for the quarterly school parent-teacher meetings to assess where your ward stands in comparison to the rest of their classmates, you can participate in weekly conference calls with our online IB tutors to ease your concerns and make sure that your child stays on top of their learning goals. A robust feedback system has been proven to empower students and understand where they stand in relation to the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Baccalaureate Classes believe in the age-old idiom ‘practice makes perfect.’ We give our students exclusive, unlimited access to question banks and past paper data bases and encourage them to solve these within stipulated time-frames, thus mirroring a real-time examination environment. We believe that conversations surrounding the student’s academic performance should not induce stress in the parent or the child. The objective of our IB online tutors is to help young learners gain access to Ivy League Universities and the most selective colleges by giving them the support and strategies they need to prepare for their examinations and improve their grade thresholds. With regular feedback, personalised attention and innovative testing methods, you can stay assured that you will, over time, imbibe the skills required to excel in school, and by extension, life.

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