A Comparison Between IB And IGCSE Curriculum

Both IB and IGCSE have been hailed as trendsetters in Indian education system. By encouraging young learners to foster international mindedness, these curricula have been successfully preparing them for a rewarding university experience for the last two decades. Recent data indicates a rise in entries for IB/IGCSE programmes in India which can be credited to parents and students becoming more accepting. We, at Baccalaureate Classes, often come across parents who are under the impression that only students who plan to continue their further studies abroad opt for these courses. That’s quite untrue. Our expert IB online tutors and IGCSE tutors believe that these curricula have the potential to equip students with sure shot success in any profession they choose, something which most Indian curricula that rely on rote-learning can’t promise. IB tuitions, for instance, not only opens the gate for seeking admission in over 140 countries, but IB is also recognized by all Indian universities which consider it at par with CBSE, HSC and ICSE. Our IB online tutors have observed that all prestigious educational institutions in India, like National Law University (NLU), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), and Medical Council of India (MCI) are more than thrilled to enroll IB students.

While the possibility of any combination of boards offers young learners flexibility, it also ends up confusing a lot. If this feeling resonates with you, scroll down for a comparison between IB and IGCSE curriculum by our most valued IGCSE and IB online tutor.

IB Curriculum: Brief Overview

International Baccalaureate programs are for inquisitive learners aged 3-19. It defies the traditional concept of holding formal examinations by issuing certificates to children who fulfil their parameters. Our experienced IB tutors continue to take one-on-one sessions with students from Primary Year Program (PYP), Middle Year Program (MYP), and IB Diploma Program (IBDP) during the Coronavirus pandemic, shattering old-school barriers to education. The IB online tutor is responsible for coming up with the most practical and innovative ways to deliver the lesson. IB tutors have the freedom to mould the curriculum as per your requirements. This is why IB doesn’t have any fixed textbooks, so you’re only required to carry your notes for IB online tuitions.

IGCSE Curriculum: Brief Overview

IGCSE or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education comes under the adage of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). It is typically taken by students aged 14-16. Our IGCSE online tutors equip young learners with the tools required to combat further levels like A/AS, IBDP, and Cambridge Pre-U, to name a few. In IGCSE, certificates are graded externally, so they have more accountability. Though IGCSE tutors aren’t responsible for creating resources for students, they’re responsible for providing secondary as well as recommended readings to learners. The primary resources are made available by IGCSE.

What’s Common Between IB and IGCSE?

Our IB tutors and IGCSE online tutors agree that both these curricula are demanding in nature. They assess students throughout the year. The assessments are rigorous and will keep you on your toes every minute of every day. If you want to streamline your studies, we recommend reaching out for IGCSE and IB tuitions. If you get the help that you need on time, then believe us, your academic pursuit in the future will be a smooth sailing journey. Both these courses test learners on the basis of their speaking, writing and listening skills. They focus on development of knowledge rather than regurgitating whatever you read in your books on paper.

Advantages of IB Program

  1. The instructor personalizes the curriculum to a vast extent to cater to the student’s socio-emotional context and advance it. This is why businesses globally prefer IB students.
  2. There is no strict design that the curriculum has to adhere to, so the student’s and teacher’s imagination can run amok. Every subject’s curriculum can be designed differently keeping the IB framework in mind.
  3. The IB system focuses on skill-based learning rather than content-based learning. It encourages students to develop and harness their intelligence to bring about a change in the world.

Disadvantages of IB Program

  1. IB revises its curriculum framework quite frequently which schools may take time adapting to. The upheaval of the system may also require extra training and compulsory certification courses for teachers.
  2. The level of knowledge of students who switch schools as they transition from PYP to MYP might vary because different schools adopt different modes and methods of instructions. However, online IB tuition can fix this trivial issue.
  3. The work of providing inputs for curriculum can be taxing, especially for up-and-coming teachers.

Advantages of IGCSE Program

  1. IGCSE system offers a structured programme that is globally implemented as well as nationally relevant, making it a unique combination.
  2. Every subject has a fixed assessment criteria which makes it possible to judge the performance of students and schools internationally.
  3. IGCSE curriculum is more credible and gives students a glimpse into what their future course of action will be, which parents prefer over the unfixed nature of IB assessments.

Disadvantages of IGCSE Program

  1. Assessment of homework and classwork assignments is not incorporated in the final grade.
  2. IGCSE syllabus is not revised as often to meet the changing needs of the students.
  3. Despite being an international curriculum, most school teachers remain rooted in the traditional pedagogy of teaching.

Learners from IB and IGCSE curricula have a relatively good footing in national as well as international universities. They have better command over their language and are more confident and curious about the way the world works. However, they’re not competing with each other and deserve to be put on the highest pedestal. At Baccalaureate Classes, we give IGCSE and IB tuitions to students of grade 10 and 12 respectively. Reach out to us to pave the way for academic success and open exciting avenues for yourself in the future.

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