7 Tips For Hiring An Expert IB Online Tutor

The uproar about skewed student to teacher ratio in India is not new. In fact, class sizes have increased over the past decade in a scrupulous effort to avoid having to increase the budget in public school systems. You’re perhaps aware that one-on-one tuitions are more effective than school lessons, but have you ever wondered what is it about small batch sizes that is so wonderfully impressive? Baccalaureate Classes, a leading tutoring service, is living proof that receiving personalized IB online tuition can have a positive impact on a student’s abilities. There are several reasons why taking IB online tuition can increase a child’s practical understanding of a wide range of subjects.

With the pandemic forcing closure of numerous educational institutions worldwide, private tutoring business has picked up and how. For parents, choosing the right IB online tutor for their child can be a daunting job. Well, not anymore. Our experienced IB online tutors have compiled a list of 7 tips that you must keep in mind when you consider hiring an expert IB math tutor, IB physics tutor, IB English tutor, IB psychology tutor, IB chemistry tutor, IB biology tutor and IB economics tutor:

1. Qualification & Experience

An expert tutor is adept at handling all types of children. To an expert teacher, it does not matter which strata of the society the learner comes from or how much they have achieved in their years of institutionalized schooling. Online IB tutoring is a challenging task and only those teachers who are qualified make the bill. We ensure that every tutor’s qualification documents (higher degree certificate, experience certificate, teaching certificate) are vetted before we take them on.

2. Adept Patience

For students with attention issues, there is no denying that IB tuition is the perfect solution. Even when every learner in the classroom is at their best behaviour, you can hear them constantly shifting in their seats, rustling papers, sniffling, chittering and what not. These seemingly trivial distractions can make or break a lesson for someone with ADHD.

3. Background Check

At our organization, we conduct rigorous background checks to ensure that teaching is not compromised with. All certified IB tutors undergo a multi-step selection process. Only those who qualify our screening tutor at this prestigious institute. In addition to this, we monitor the performance of our IB tutors, offer them credible feedback and assist them in fine tuning their tutoring practices. We work as a team to ensure that every child who graduates from our academy aspires to a bright future.

4. Enthusiasm Towards Subject

Research has proven that a tutor’s enthusiasm can positively impact the intrinsic motivation required for a child to get better by leaps and bounds in their academic career. It is often said that enthusiastic tutors have energy that is contagious. Our IB tutors are more likely to develop lasting relationships with the students because for them, the child is not another face in a crowd. Our IB tutors work with the child tirelessly to enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. They get to know the learner as an individual while taking IB tuitions.

5. Easy Accessibility

The student should feel free to clarify their doubts from the tutor at any point in the day without fear of being judged or mocked at. This fear often holds back students from asking their doubts in a classroom full of children who leave no opportunity to snicker behind your back. An expert IB tutor will ensure continuity of classes during peak times like exam season. Our pool of qualified and vetted IB online tutors come with a guarantee of instructional continuity. You pay for reliability, quality, consistency and stability.

6. Good Communication Skills

With 21st century parents being committed towards imparting good communication skills to the students, it is natural that tutors fall into line as well. A tutor is a guide who takes the student through concepts that they will later apply in the real world. Our online IB maths tutor and IB online Physics tutor applies the best tutoring practices to ensure that they’re playing a key role in the development of the child’s communication skills. We have learnt over the years that subject matter proficiency is not enough, how you present yourself and your thoughts, opinions, ideas and arguments to the outside world matters as well.

7. Tutor-Tutee Compatibility

A trial class can be very helpful in determining whether you want to commit to a multi-month schedule or not. At our academy, we allocate tutors who can customise their teaching style as per the unique needs and demands of the child. Our online IB Maths tutor and online IB physics tutor leave no stone unturned in delivering concepts in an easily understandable manner to the learner. We mould our subject knowledge as per the learning capabilities of the student because we strongly believe that every child is special. Demo class also serves as the perfect opportunity for students to check their compatibility with the teacher. There are high chances that a student will learn more if they are able to connect with the tutor. This is often lacking in a classroom environment where the teacher is committed to 35-40 students at a time.

Our IB online tutors, namely the IB Math tutor, IB Physics tutor, IB English tutor, IB Psychology tutor, IB Chemistry tutor, IB Biology tutor and IB Economics tutor, are trained in tailoring their instruction to match the learner’s level. You can experience this and more once you become a part of the Baccalaureate Classes family. Reach out to us to book a 30-minute trial class and we assure you we will help you unleash your full potential.

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